2016 Ram 3500; Tows More than the Competition

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The 2016 Ram 3500 is a powerhouse on wheels, it’s that truck that eats three bags of spinach for lunch and a protein shake for dessert, could it actually eat. This truck gained some serious hauling capability with it’s 2016 release, 1,210 pounds more towing capacity to be exact. The total towing capacity of this truck is a massive 31,200 pounds, and the only other truck on the market that even comes close is the F450; which still can’t tow as much.

But, how did Ram make this happen? The 2015 Ram 3500 could already pull a lot of weight, 29,990 pounds to be exact. Here’s three reasons why the Ram 3500 is able to tow more weight than the competition.

Rear-Axle Enhancement

The rear-axle of the truck is what takes the most punishment when it comes to towing heavy loads, and Ram knew this. So, Ram decided to petition American Axle Manufacturing, the company that makes Ram’s axles, to make some improvements on the axle for the 2016 model.

The pinion seals were one of the improvements made on the rear axle, and the ring-gear hardware on the 11.8-inch rear axle was upgraded from a 12-bolt to a 16-bolt configuration. This allowed the rear axle to take much more punishment when towing bigger loads, along with provide more structural strength thanks to the added bolts; because providing those extra bolts was a necessity if Ram wanted the 3500 to reach legendary towing numbers.

Because of these extra steps for the rear-axle taken by Ram, the 2016 Ram 3500 is able to structurally withstand this titanic towing weight. But, this couldn’t have been the only reason it can tow so much weight. After all; legendary towing capacity needs a legendary engine.

Engine Modifications

Which is exactly what the Ram 3500 has. The Ram 3500 is equipped with the infamous 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 Cummins inline-six diesel engine, which is now able to put out 900 pound-feet of torque. It’s the same engine from the previous model year, but it got some modifications and upgrades in order too increase the torque. The torque was increased by 35 pound-feet thanks to a recalibration of the fuel-delivery system and turbo-boost settings.

The recalibration of these systems is relatively simple, thanks to the flexible capabilities of diesel engines. All it took was a few tweaks, and the Cummins was able to pop out an extra 35 pound-feet of torque, which translated to that extra 1,210 pounds of towing weight.

Highest Torque Means Highest Towing Capacity

The third and final reason the Ram 3500 can tow more than its competitors? Because it has some insane torque. This no-brainer heading isn’t me being funny; it’s true. The 900 pound-feet torque on the Ram 3500 is unmatched on the daily driver market. The only cars that might even come close are the newer sports cars that can put out 650 pound-feet of torque; or the F450.

The amount of torque this Ram 3500 can put out for daily driving use is astounding, along with it’s towing capacity. Theoretically, the Ram 3500 can tow 5x it’s base curb weight. Which means if you took five of these trucks and put them all on a trailer and had a sixth one tow it; you’d see the trailer start moving. This legendary towing feat wouldn’t be possible without Ram’s foresight; understanding that they needed to make a few tweaks on the engine and rear-axle for the truck too handle weight like this.

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