ram truck towing guide miami

Quick Guide to Towing Your Toys to the Water this Summer

ram truck towing guide miami

Summer is right around the corner, which means fishing, traveling, camping, beach trips and more. There is nothing like the ease of a Ram truck to get you through the fun and busy summer months, especially when it comes to towing your big water toys like boats and jetskis to the boat ramp. Good thing Ram has plenty of truck options available.

Towing guide:

The truck you need depends on how much you need to tow. Do you have a few jet skis or a bigger fishing boat? As you can probably imagine, there’s a huge difference in the weights and sizes of water toys, so here is a quick guide to help you estimate what you need.

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Ram upfit technology miami lakes ram

Ram Commercial Upfits Now More Convenient for Customers

Ram upfit technology miami lakes ram

Ram upfits can be very beneficial for business owners and there are many available upfit options ranging from custom-made upfits to upfits offered by Ram. To help customers determine the best upfit for their business needs, Ram has introduced two things, an upfit configurator and a new qualification process to improve the shopping, buying and customization processes.

Upfit Configurator

The Ram Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator is an interactive program that provides customers with a 3-D look at one of Ram’s commercial vehicles and various upfits. The program can create computer-generated visuals that buyers have the opportunity to virtually walk around the vehicle’s exterior and view the vehicle’s interior. The program was introduced to the ProMaster last year, but  Ram recently expanded it it to include the Ram ProMaster City and the entire Ram Chassis Cab line (3500, 4500 and 5500).

Q Pro

Ram Commercial Q Pro is a newly implemented process that requires upfitters to go through Ram engineering. Ram engineering then inspects the upfit and makes recommendations to make the upfit as efficient and useful as possible. This process will make a huge difference for consumers because who better to know what upfit works best for a Ram vehicle than the engineers that produce it. Read the rest of this entry >>

Don't drink and drive on spring break

March is Madness in SoFlo – Don’t Drink and Drive!

Don't drink and drive on spring break

In South Florida, March is a crazy month. The area is full of spring breakers, and there are tons of reasons to get out and party like St. Patrick’s Day, Ultra and tons of other festivals. And while all of those things are fun, they do involve drinking and some people test their luck and the law by drinking and driving, which is bad for everyone. Now more than ever, there are plenty of alternatives to drinking and driving in South Florida.

Uber or Lyft

Getting a sober driver is as easy as downloading an app.  Uber and Lyft are both super convenient car sharing services that are affordable and efficient. Download the app, register your debit or credit card, and then when you are ready to go, put in your location and destination and request a ride. Drivers are usually very fast to pick you up and you don’t have to get on the phone and call someone. To make it even better, Uber now offers UberPool, a system which a driver will be driving multiple passengers to destinations that are in close proximity to each other.    Read the rest of this entry >>

Ram Dually vs Non-Dually

SRW or DRW: Ram Truck Options for Everyone

Ram Dually vs Non-Dually 

Ram’s heavy-duty trucks are available with a single rear wheel (SRW) configuration and a dual rear wheel (DRW) a.k.a. “dually” configuration.  If you are looking at purchasing a new truck and can’t decide between an SRW truck or a dually pickup truck, this post might help.

A single rear wheel truck is a standard pickup truck that has four wheels like a car or SUV. A dually truck has an extra set of wheels on the rear axle, so in total the truck has six wheels on two axles. There are pros and cons to both truck configurations and the best option for you depends on your truck needs and your budget.

One of the biggest advantages of a DRW truck is the increased payload capacity and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). That extra payload capacity boosts how much a DRW truck can carry and tow. For example, a Ram 3500 Tradesman 6.4L HEMI V8 3.73 Axle Ratio SRW  has a payload capacity of 4,140 pounds and the Ram 3500 Tradesman 6.4L HEMI V8 3.73 Axle Ratio DRW has a payload capacity of 6,890 pounds.

Additionally, if you are towing heavy loads, like a livestock trailer, large boat or a big RV, DRW trucks offer much smoother ride and more stability on the road. Wind can be a big problem when towing and a DRW makes wind less of a problem. Read the rest of this entry >>