section 179 tax deduction for ram trucks

About Section 179 Tax Deduction and Eligible Ram Vehicles

section 179 tax deduction for ram trucks

Many times businesses that require commercial vehicles need several of them. Unfortunately, this costs a lot of money and is difficult for new businesses. Right now, we have good news for you! In the spirit of tax season we want to share this commercial vehicle tax deduction information because it could help you get a new Ram truck. Could save you money and stress!

Section 179 Tax Deduction

Simply put, if you need a truck or commercial vehicle for business purposes, you can write it off under a section 179 tax deduction. All this means is you are writing the vehicle off as a property expense for the tax year. In most cases, Ram trucks (for business) and commercial vehicles will be considered under the 179 tax deduction. A qualified business can deduct up to $500,000 worth of property under section 179. Be sure to contact your business tax professional for the specifics for your business.

Ram vehicles eligible to be covered up to $25,000 of the purchase cost in the first year:

  • RAM 1500 Crew Cab 5’7″ Box
  • RAM ProMaster City Cargo Van

Ram vehicles eligible to expense up to 100%of the purchase cost in the first year:  

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How to Use Some of the Convience Features of your Ram 1500

 ram 1500 convenience features

Having a Ram new truck is a great feeling, but if it has been awhile since you last had a new vehicle, there may be some new convenience features you don’t know how to use. Where is the jack? How do I use the RamBox cargo management system? Well, don’t let confusion stop you from utilizing all of the features on your new  Ram 1500. Check out some of our helpful how to videos.

How to locate your Ram 1500’s second-row in-floor storage bin

It is so simple!

  • Lift up the floor mats in the second row.
  • Open up the bin by lifting the latch! The space be used for storage and even as a cooler.
  • The bin can be removed for draining water or cleaning. Just open the side tabs and it easily comes out.

Locate the jack kit in your Ram 1500

Hopefully you never need the jack kit to change a flat tire, but in the event of an emergency, it is always good to know where the jack kit is! Here are some highlights from the video: Read the rest of this entry >>

ram chassis cab highlights

Ram Chassis Cab Options and Highlights

ram chassis cab highlights

The Ram Chassis Cab is a part of Ram’s commercial vehicle lineup and is available on the 3500, 4500 and 5500 models. Built for commercial needs that often don’t require a truck bed, chassis cab trucks only have “chassis” rails and a “cab.”

Ram’s chassis cab lineup includes 12 different configurations, all of which come with some great features. Aside from the 3500 Chassis Cab, which has a single-rear wheel (SRW) option, Ram Chassis Cabs come standard with which Chassis Cab fits your business needs depends on what you need to haul and what kind of features you need. Check out the highlights of the Chassis Cab models below.

Chassis Cab Tradesman Model Highlights

3500 Single-Rear Wheel (SRW) 10K GVWR Tradesman

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Ram ProMaster Cargo Van and Upfits


The Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City are two different commercial vans offered by Ram and the best van for you depends on your business needs. For companies that need a large organized space for cargo, work equipment or even a mobile office, the larger ProMaster van is probably what you need.

2017 Ram ProMaster

Ram designed the Ram ProMaster to have best-in-class cargo capacity, which totals more than 460 cubic feet of cargo space. Other best-in-class features for the ProMaster include its 36-foot turning diameter and a cargo height of 65.4-inches and its class exclusive front-wheel-drive system.

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Driving Apps Miami Lakes Automall

5 Driving Apps for Gas, Safety, Traffic and More

 Driving Apps Miami Lakes Automall

Stuck in traffic? There’s an app for that. Worried for your new teen driver? There’s an app for that. Need to know the cheapest place to get gas? There’s an app for that too! In the world we live in there is practically an app for everything. Check out these five driving apps for safety, entertainment and convenience.


If you are stuck in traffic and need a faster alternative route, Waze always knows a way! Waze knows locations of  traffic, hazards, and speed traps based off information that has been supplied by app users or “wazers.” Waze then uses this information to notify and reroute users when traffic has been reported. Users can also give a thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate if they experienced the reported incident. However, users need to remember to be safe and not to use the app while driving.


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