Ram Commercial: Ram ProMaster, ProMaster City + BusinessLink


If you are looking for a new vehicle for your business, Ram has you covered. Not only does Ram have an established branch of commercial vehicles known as Ram Commercial, but Ram also has BusinessLink, a program that connects businesses to dealers and also includes allowances that offset the cost of upfit or graphics customizations, maintenance or Bosch power tools.  

While many people are familiar with Ram trucks and their towing capacities and qualities, not quite as many people know about Ram’s commercial vans, the Ram ProMaster and the Ram ProMaster City. So here’s a closer look at those two vans and the BusinessLink program.

Ram ProMaster

The Ram ProMaster is available in four different trims: cargo van, Chassis cab, cutaway, and window van. Each trim plays to different business and commercial needs. Some key features of every trim to mention include the van’s best-in-class 36-feet turning diameter, a standard best-in-class V6 engine, over 460-cubic feet of cargo volume and 16-inch Brembo brakes. Read the rest of this entry >>


Ram Truck Mods Pt.2, Convenience and Safety


In addition to performance and style parts and accessories for Ram trucks, there are also a few different mods that add convenience or extra protection to your Ram truck. Here is a quick list of a couple modifications and parts that can be installed by our awesome service team here at Miami Lakes Auto Mall.

Safety and Extra Protection

Ram trucks are already safe trucks as they have a four-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA. In addition to being built with a strong and durable frame, all Ram trucks are equipped with a variety of standard safety features. However, for those that push their truck to the limits, whether at a construction site, off-roading or working on a farm or a ranch, there are a few parts that will help protect your truck from accidents, dents and dings.

Grille Guard

A grille guard looks cool and functions to protect your truck’s grille and headlights. This is a great feature for those who take their truck off-road. Off-roading is great fun but can also be dangerous, especially in a woodsy area or at night. The grille guard is a very sturdy cage-like feature that covers the front of the truck to protect it from brush, deer, debris, and so on.

Generally, the product comes in just a flat black color, but it is always possible to paint it to add style to your truck. There are several materials used to make grille guards including steel, carbon fiber and or aluminum. The grille guards protect your truck, but also make it look tough. So, why not get a grille guard to protect you and your vehicle just in case? Read the rest of this entry >>

New Ram Rebel TRX Concept

New Ram TRX Concept Truck is So Cool, Will It Be Produced?

New Ram Rebel TRX Concept

If you are a truck fan you have definitely heard of the Ram Rebel. The Ram Rebel is built on the Ram 1500 platform and is a strong off-roading truck. Well, Ram Trucks surprised us with a more fierce, louder and stronger new Ram Rebel concept — the Ram Rebel TRX. If you were at the 2016 State Fair of Texas, you may have seen the truck, but it was more likely that you heard it. If you weren’t there, here is the rundown..


The Ram Rebel TRX concept is powerful, and we mean very powerful. The engine on this bad boy is a specially-built supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 engine, making it Ram’s most powerful engine. The 575-horsepower engine is capable of off-road speeds of over 100 mph. If the Rebel TRX concept were to be produced, it would be the most powerful factory-engineered half ton truck ever made.


The exterior of the Rebel TRX concept is daring and tough to the core. It features a unique front grille with a large Ram logo, steel bumpers, and an acute hourglass body design that is six inches wider than the Ram 1500. With the wider body the truck also has large fender wells, and it sits on huge painted rims that are wrapped with 37-inch off-road tires, all of which add to the truck’s aggressive styling.

Inside the Ram Rebel TRX concept, is the spacious cabin that provides both a luxury and sleek appeal. Some of the interior features that were specially designed for the Rebel TRX concept are suede and cloth seats, six-point racing harnesses on all the seats, and paddle shifters to both help with the driving and make the truck even better for handling. Read the rest of this entry >>


Ram Truck Mods Pt.1, Performance and Style


Though Ram trucks are well-equipped and impressive trucks, there’s no doubt some drivers like to add a little pizazz to make their truck different than anyone else’s. So if you want to modify your Ram truck with extra style or performance parts, here are some of the top mods for your Ram truck.


There are two main reasons people add performance parts to their Ram truck — to enhance the truck’s off-road capabilities or to increase speed or power. A few of the most popular performance parts include air intake systems, suspension systems and special wheels. While gear heads may feel comfortable changing out these parts on their own, many people will need a mechanic to add the parts to the truck.

Air Intake

Air intake kits or parts can be bought by several after market brands including Mopar, the service, parts and customer-care brand of Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Air intake systems, like a high-flow cold air intake, increase the performance of a vehicle and make it sound even better than before. When you replace the stock air intake with a new larger one, additional air is directly forced into the engine and that additional air into the engine increases horsepower, fuel efficiency and torque.


Adding to the suspension of your Ram is another popular mod people do to their Ram trucks. There are many mods that can make your truck higher increasing its off-road capability. Consider lifting your truck to provide for greater ground clearance and less chance of getting stuck on logs or rocks. Plus, lifting your truck makes it look pretty sweet too! Read the rest of this entry >>