Texas RAM Owners Prove Their Brand Loyalty

Red Fort Worth RAM

Brand loyalty among pickups has always been a very real thing.  To see someone switch brands 10, 15 sometimes even 20 years into driving is highly unusual.  And it makes sense why.  As a general rule, pickup drivers are not a fickle people.  

RAM owners not interested in the latest or greatest.  They don’t care about looks as much as strength, durability and reliability.  RAM owners have little use for image and popularity.  They are salt-of-the-earth and they expect the same from their pickups as they do from themselves; hardworking, loyal and dependable.  

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How to Understand if Your Car is Eligible for Buyback Program

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recently announced a buyback program for Dodge SUVs and Ram pickup trucks. Of course, similar to any program that offers buyers a chance to recoup a great deal of money, there was some confusion surrounding the process.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Before you panic and visit your local Dodge Ram dealers, read our guide below to determine whether you’re eligible for the buyback program…

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Dodge Ram: No Longer Just A Workhorse

2011 Ram Laramie Longhorn

Dodge has been making trucks since 1917.  For 98 years, Dodge has been providing America with trucks that have been on farms and ranches, mountains and dockside, oil fields and soccer fields.

They are part of the landscape.  As our culture has changed, so have the needs and wants of the people.  What hasn’t changed are the reasons why people still drive pickups.

Dodge Ram dealers have been smart enough to see that times do indeed change and to stay relevant, one much change with the times.  They have shown that with their trucks.  

In 1981 Dodge introduced their new line RAM.  Donning the head of a ram as its logo on their grill as their nameplate, it serves as both their namesake as well as a warning.

They are impressive trucks and have continued to be since their birth 34 years ago.  Just as the times have changed in the previous 34 years, so has the RAM.

Let’s take a look at how some of those changes have helped define and redefine the driver and truck.  

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New From Ram: The Retractable Pickup Bed


Ram enthusiasts everywhere are sure to rejoice when they read about the brand’s latest innovation, a twist that your local RAM truck dealers can’t wait to showcase.

Ever-evolving and working tirelessly to design trucks that can triumph over any task, Ram has just filed a patent for an ingenious invention that will make work even easier.

Curious? Read on for a sneak peek of this slick idea…

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