Our Favorite Safety Features of the 2016 Dodge Dart




You'll be hard pressed to find a safer compact car than the 2016 Dodge Dart. The vehicle earned the best-possible five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the nameplate will presumably earn a similar accolade from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (the vehicle was named the organization's Top Safety Pick in 2015). Plus, the vehicle offers over 60 safety features and capabilities, a number that's practically unmatched in the entire industry.

However, it can be a bit daunting sorting through all of the safety and security amenities. Luckily, we've compiled several of the most notable features below, which should only help confirm that the 2016 Dodge Dart is one of the safest options on the market.


Reversing Technology



These technologies may not necessarily prevent you from getting into an accident, but they can definitely help keep your new Dodge Dart in one piece.

We all know the difficulties of reversing. You're so focused on leaving your parking space in a timely fashion, you may forget to check your surroundings. This could lead to a minor collision, compromising the beauty of your new car. Luckily, the Dart's assortment of safety technologies will make it so this won't be an issue.

The Rear Park Assist System uses several ultrasonic exterior sensors to help guide you into a parking space. When you've approached a stationary object too closely, the system will alert the driver, thus preventing any fender benders. This can be especially helpful with parallel parking, as the unit can serve as an extra set of eyes.

Alternatively, drivers can rely on the ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera. Whenever the Dodge Dart is shifted to reverse, the rear camera system will automatically activate. Accessible via the 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen, drivers can truly monitor everything that's happening behind their ride.

When it's time to reverse out of that parking spot, it can be tough to see around the other vehicles. With the Rear Cross Path Detection system, drivers can be notified of any vehicles that may soon be crossing behind them. This means you won't accidentally back into a vehicle while trying to leave your parking spot.


Traction/Stability Control



It can be difficult to safely operate a vehicle in wet or slick conditions. Even if it's just raining, you might find that your car is having issues maintaining control. Luckily, the collection of safety features in the Dodge Dart will keep you and your ride out of harm's way.

The Electronic Stability Control will be essential on wet or icy roads. The unit will detect when your vehicle is starting to veer off the intended path, automatically adjusting the vehicle to keep it on the proper course. Meanwhile, the Ready-Alert Braking will sense when a sudden stop may be needed. If a driver begins to lost control (or if a collision with another vehicle seems inevitable), the vehicle will adjust to provide optimal stoppage power. The Rain Brake Support system will also be particularly helpful on those wet and stormy nights, as the technology improves overall traction to deliver the safest driving experience.


Lighting Amenities

If you find yourself driving down dark, poorly-lit roads, you should be seeking a new ride that delivers the best possible visibility. Unsurprisingly, the Dodge Dart delivers again.

The Automatic High-Beam Control Headlamps eliminate any of the inconveniences that accompany driving on these dark roads. Drivers can operate the vehicle while using the brightest possible light setting, and these lights will automatically adjust when another vehicle is detected. That way, you don't have to constantly finagle with the lighting settings to cater to your fellow drivers.

Assuming there aren't any other vehicles on the road, drivers can enjoy the projector headlamps and projector fog lamps. The lights are as stylish as they are effective, adding an air of elegance to the exterior. Of course, they also work really well, providing the perfect amount of visibility for any dark night.


Automatic Rain Wipers

Speaking of convenience, the Dodge Dart may actually offer the most convenience-centered feature in the entire class. The rain-sensing wiper will now take full responsibility for removing water from your windshield. Instead of having to constantly turn the wipers on or off based on the weather, the technology will do the job for you. Even if you drive through a puddle, the unit will work long enough to remove all of the moisture from your windshield, thus meaning maximum driver visibility.


Remote Keyless Entry

Live in an unsafe area? Or do you find yourself parking in any area with an alarming number of break-ins? You can rest assured that you'll be the only one accessing your new Dodge Dart.

Thanks to the remote keyless entry, thieves can't really mess with your sedan. The keyless entry system makes it so only those equipped with the specialized key can enter the cabin. Meanwhile, if an unauthorized driver attempts to enter the cabin, he or she will be dissuaded by the available security alarm.


Protective Features



Of course, even though the Dodge Dart offers these impressive preventative safety features, that still doesn't mean that an accident is completely out of the picture. You never know when you may find yourself in a collision, but you'll at least know that the Dodge Dart will keep you safe and secure.

The 10 standard airbags will provide the necessary amount of cushion for any collision, and the innovative knee-blocker airbags will provide protection for a part of the body that's often ignored. The active front head restraints should also play a significant role in reducing head or upper-body injuries.

Fortunately, the Dart's occupants shouldn't be impacted too much during a collision. The high-strength steel body and the various crumple zones will help absorb the impact of a crash, keeping that energy away from the passengers.


Safety often gets overlooked by some car buyers, and many of these features are often taken for granted. These amenities are rather unique. Of course, you'd prefer to never have to rely on them while driving; however, if you are forced to use these functions, you know the 2016 Dodge Dart will help you out. With a number of favorable safety scores and over 60 available features, you won't find a safer ride out there.