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Some brands are just known for their determination; Mitsubishi is one of those. With an unfailing commitment to developing vehicles that break the mold, Mitsubishi continues to offer top-of-the-line models at industry-low pricing.

Always Innovating

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Miami

Mitsubishi has an engineering history that has kept it at the forefront of the industry. The brand’s inventiveness has always been ahead of the trend, and there’s only more to come.

A few of the developments that Mitsubishi has pioneered in the past few decades include the Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system (MIVEC) in 1992, the Gasoline Direct Engine in 1995, and a hands-free Bluetooth system with voice control in 2009.

They are also leading the pack when it comes to eco-friendly automotives. In 2012, their all electric i-MiEV was named the greenest vehicle by the EPA. That same year, Mitsubishi celebrated its 30th anniversary. Now, the company is once again pushing the boundaries with a preview of their plug-in Outlander Sport. Recently showcased in Paris, the electric version of their extremely popular crossover has many people anxious to test it out.

The plug-in Outlander has already been available in other countries for two years, but it’s soon to be released in the US. Mitsubishi has promised that the wait will be worth it; they’re intending to give the US version its own sophisticated design before making it available for 2016. That’s a single example of Mitsubishi’s commitment to fuel efficient vehicles and consumer satisfaction. You can expect to see a number of similarly exciting developments from Mitsubishi in the near future.

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Has Cars for Any Budget

One of the many things that Americans love about Mitsubishi is affordability. The company’s lineup provides quality vehicles at much lower prices than its competitors.

When you’re looking for style and performance on a practical budget, look no further. Check out the specials on our website for deals on Mitsubishi cars, crossovers, and the fully electric i-MiEV.

And don’t worry about paying extra for warranty coverage or roadside assistance because you get both when you buy a Mitsubishi.

Get a 10-year/10,000-miles powertrain limited warranty with your purchase so you can have peace of mind on the road. No surprises, just a guarantee of quality so you can drive with confidence. Your new Mitsubishi will also come with 5 full years of roadside assistance. We’ll send you a card with the number to call and all the information you need. There’s also an app you can use to get help.

Car Care Made Easy

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi makes car ownership manageable long after your initial purchase. Check our website often for rewarding service coupons. It’s incredibly simple to schedule service online. When you do need maintenance, you can use our website to get quotes and order quality licensed parts.

Your Mitsubishi purchase also comes with Collision Concierge Services. Free estimates, loyalty discounts, and rental coordination are just a few of the benefits you get from working with us when you need assistance after an accident.

2015 Updates

The Outlander Sport, Mitsubishi’s best-selling model is seeing some great adjustments for 2015.

The first exciting change is a new CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission) with better responsiveness than ever. This and some small revisions to the engine have the Outlander Sport earning 1 mile per gallon more. It now gets around 32 mpg on the highway. Noise reduction is also a big plus in the 2015. With some cabin redesign and side windows with thicker glass, the Outlander Sport makes for a smooth, relaxing ride.

There are several trim levels available. The 2015 SE and GT models come with bonus features such as Eco Mode, SiriusXM radio, and HID (High Intensity Discharge headlights). The Lancer is also getting some important updates. Like the Outlander, it will receive a new CVT. Heated side mirrors with turn signals will be standard on all Lancer trims as well.

The base model has a series of nice, new touches including a FUSE connectivity system, an updated instrument cluster, 16-inch alloy wheels, and chrome interior handles. Higher level trims will have new six-speaker sound systems, 18-inch dark alloy wheels, and auto-dimming rearview mirrors. A few of the enhanced safety features that the 2015 model will incorporate are additional airbags, Active Stability Control, and Traction Control Logic.

While the Evo (Lancer Evolution) did not see any major changes for 2015, Mitsubishi did make a major announcement about it. This year will be the Evo’s last round of production, much to the dismay of many fans.

However, it’s going out with a bit of a bang. If you purchase the 2015 Evo base model, you’ll receive a $500 discount, making it a great time to buy this enticing vehicle. And for diehard fans, Mitsubishi is producing a limited number of special edition Evos that will go on sale in the US. More powerful than ever, these special performance models are sure to sell out quickly.

Vehicle Overviews

With a range of vehicles available to meet your size, performance, price, and fuel efficiency requirements, Mitsubishi models are the way to go.


This polished sedan is packed with features for your convenience and enjoyment. Included are a 7-inch LCD touchscreen to keep all the controls within reach and a rearview camera to give you an extra point of reference. This model is also available as a Sportback .

  • Starting at $17,395
  • 34 miles per gallon on the highway
  • Engine options:
    • 2.0L I4 DOHC, 16-valve, MIVEC / 148 hp
    • 2.4L I4 DOHC, 16-valve, MIVEC / 168 hp
    • 2.0L Turbo DOHC, 16-valve, MIVEC / 237 hp

Lancer Evolution

Ready to race? The Evo is geared specifically toward performance and makes driving outrageously fun. You’re in charge with the Evo’s Brembo braking system and super all-wheel control.

  • Starting at $34,995
  • 23 miles per gallon on the highway
  • 2.0L MIVEC DOHC 16-valve inline 4-cylinder turbocharged/intercooled engine / 291


The Automotive Science Group named the Mirage the Best All-Around Performance Award winner for a reason. With outstanding fuel economy, seating for 5, lots of a features, and a very low price tag, this little car has a lot to offer.

  • Starting at $12,995
  • 44 miles per gallon on the highway
  • 1.2L MIVEC DOHC, 12-valve inline 3-cylinder / 74 hp

Outlander Sport

The most sensible SUV on the market, the Outlander Sport, gives you everything you need to carry passengers and cargo safely without emptying your bank account. Not only is the purchase price low, but it gets great mileage too. Kelley Blue Book named it one of the 10 Best Back-to-School Cars of 2014.

  • Starting at $19,595
  • 32 miles per gallon on the highway
  • 2.0L MIVEC DOHC 16-valve inline 4-cylinder engine / 148 hp


When you need a lot of space to keep your family and friends comfortable, the sporty, refined Outlander is the perfect choice. Drive safely with the available Forward Collision Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Departure Warning systems. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave it their Top Safety Pick award.

  • Starting at $23,195
  • 31 miles per gallon on the highway
  • Engine options:
    • 2.4L MIVEC SOHC 16-valve inline 4-cylinder / 166 hp
    • 3.0L MIVEC SOHC 24-valve V6 / 224 hp


Though you can get it in a variety of finishes, this car is truly green. Mitsubishi’s award-winning plug-in electric model, the i-MiEV is unbelievably efficient, and it’s also unbelievably affordable. If you thought that price would keep you from finding an eco-friendly model, think again.

  • Starting at $22,995
  • 112 miles per gallon on the highway
  • No gas required / Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi has the vehicle for you. Check out our models online, call, or come see us. Our professional staff can help you determine what kind of Mitsubishi will give you the most value. You can rely on us to get you the vehicle you really want at a price you can really afford.