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Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Super Wolf Blood Moon

A special celestial event is starting off 2019. It’s the first lunar eclipse of the year, but a few different spectacles will be taking place that make this lunar eclipse so rare. Known as the “Super Wolf Blood Moon”, everyone in North America will get a chance to see it. So early in 2019, and South Florida is experiencing some strange weather – what a cold front. If looking to catch the lunar eclipse while keeping warm, check out a vehicle with a moonroof, or a dual-pane sunroof like that on the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Watch the Lunar Eclipse from the Eclipse

Although the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross moniker may seem like a coincidence, the Eclipse Cross actually came out during 2017. Being the last in-house vehicle from Mitsubishi Motors, they capitalized on a celestial event happening that same year, “The Great American Eclipse”. They also developed a marketing campaign based around the eclipse. The Great American Eclipse was a solar eclipse where the time spent in totality, when the sun is completely blocked out by the moon and the Earth is cast in shadow, spanned across the entire country of the U.S.

Because the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is the last in-house vehicle, this model comes with some special features. Not only is the Eclipse Cross the first model to get Mitsubishi Connect, the automaker’s first infotainment system, but also a dual-pane power panoramic sunroof, another first for the lineup. With heated seats (standard for the front row in the SEL trim, along with the sunroof) What a perfect way to watch the Super Wolf Blood Moon event.

Howl at this Lunar Eclipse

Why is the Super Wolf Blood Moon event so special? Well, for one, it’s the first lunar eclipse of 2019, as well as the first major celestial event visible by the U.S. this year. Being the first lunar eclipse of 2019 gives it the “Wolf” moniker.

The “Blood Moon” bit comes from the effect the lunar eclipse causes. Starting at 9:36 pm EST, the lunar eclipse will begin, and slowly, the moon will go from its normal pale glow to red or copper. It’s usually very dim, but that’s why this event may not be one to miss. This Blood Moon is also a “Super Moon”, when the moon appears much closer to Earth, but is simply an optical illusion. Regardless, it should be quite the spectacle, reaching totality (when the moon is completely in Earth’s shadow) at 11:41 pm EST and lasting until 12:43 pm EST.

It’s easy to enjoy a little astronomy on a cold night when watching from an SUV from Mitsubishi Motors. If looking to get a good look at the Super Wolf Blood Moon and need to drive out a bit, save some gas with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV . This plug-in hybrid and the original Mitsubishi Outlander both come with the option of a power glass sunroof with sunshade and tilt features. Find your Mitsubishi Motors SUV at Miami Lakes Automall and watch the Super Wolf Blood Moon lunar eclipse this weekend.

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