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Is the Mitsubishi C-D Vehicle a Sports Car?

Friday, June 12th, 2020


After the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance announced the mid-term plans for the next few years in late May 2020, things are looking up for the Alliance. Initially worried with Alliance Ventures thought to be in jeopardy not too long ago. The new strategy for the Alliance is a “Follow-the-Leader” scheme where one automaker releases a new vehicle in one segment into one region of focus for sales. If it’s successful, another vehicle from the same segment will be released by one of the other automakers in their region of focus. There is some worry about how this will affect Mitsubishi Motors and models that make it overseas, with Mitsubishi sales faltering in the U.S. and Japan market, but there is still hope. Mitsubishi Motors is also the first automaker to release a vehicle from the Alliance, and it’s a C/D segment vehicle – smaller than an SUV.

Hooray! Finally, something other than an SUV from the Japanese automaker. It’s been years since we saw anything that wasn’t a sports utility vehicle or a plug-in hybrid SUV – the Eclipse Cross doesn’t count, crossover or not. We’re waiting for a true-blooded racing car, and the Eclipse being turned into a crossover just won’t cut it. Mitsubishi Motors has mentioned that the Lancer is going to be revived as a crossover as well but is supposed to be engineered to be a “high-performance” SUV. We’re not sure what that means – maybe this SUV is supposed to be able to tackle the racetrack?