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Mitsubishi Electric at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show


The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show is one of the most sought after exhibits every year, and because it takes place so early in the year (January 7-10, 2020), consumers are able to get a good look at appliances, electronics, products, and technologies soon coming to the market. Simultaneously, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) also attracts many automakers looking to show off their new tech and features coming soon to new models. One automotive corporation, in particular, Mitsubishi Motors Corp, tends to show up to CES 2020 with their sister company Mitsubishi Electric. After the recent partnership between Mitsubishi Motors Corp and MaaS Global Oy, we’re seeing a lot of interesting concepts from Mitsubishi Electric at CES 2020.

Mobility for Everyone

The core of the partnership between MMC and MaaS Global Oy is to create an ecosystem of mobility where every consumer has access to some form of private or public transportation. MaaS Global already has a handle on that with its Whim app in Finland – consumers can sign up for various plans that will give them access to buses, trams, taxis, cars, bicycles, and more transportation services. Working on self-driving and autonomous technology, one interesting concept from MMC and MaaS Global is personal mobile living spaces. On the outside, they look like windowless vans, but on the inside, it can be a miniature office or living room. The vehicle drives itself with the use of a radar and camera fusion piloting system that helps it recognize other cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists, and puts together the best routes to avoid obstacles in real-time.

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