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Mitsubishi Motors Releases New App for Eclipse Cross

Thursday, October 1st, 2020


Just last week, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) released a teaser for the new 2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. With very little to go on, we’re not yet sure how much the crossover has changed in appearance, inside and out. We do, however, expect some good technology upgrades. Always getting the best Mitsubishi has to offer, the Eclipse Cross was one of the first vehicles to get a smartphone link display, Mitsubishi Motors ventured into infotainment systems and more interactive touchscreens with smartphone interfaces. Keeping connected with its consumers, Mitsubishi is one of many automakers developing smartphone apps to help keep consumers safe and keep their vehicles in great shape. The latest app from MMNA is the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT.

Right now, it’s not very flashy, but Mitsubishi Motors is the kind of automaker that works on multiple little things and then bring it all together into one big thing. My MITSUBISHI CONNECT is just a small piece of an even bigger puzzle. Right now, the mobile app has one main focus – help consumers make automotive maintenance easier. It sounds simple, right? But think about it – how many times have you realized you forgot to get an oil change because you couldn’t be bothered to take your car in for maintenance?


Have Any Tips for Protecting Your Car This Summer

Friday, July 17th, 2020


Summer in Florida is hot, hot, hot! Although COVID-19 is still at large, people are getting out there and trying to live a normal life again. We can’t speak about what you should and shouldn’t do, although wearing a mask is still a good idea with how much the virus has mutated since the beginning of the year. We’ve all heard about the many ways to keep yourself protected and safe, but what about your car? How do we keep our wheels safe in the summer? Let us help you out with that.

Protection from the Elements

Inside and out, the sun is always going to be a factor in keeping your car well maintained. For most consumers, giving their Mitsubishi a good wash every now and then is enough, but to protect against the sun and keep the paint job crack-free, applying a layer or two of wax to any vehicle after a wash is the smart choice. Some people even buy products made specifically for protecting cars, usually a clear film that protects against dirt, debris, etc that can cause tiny scratches.


Tips for Protecting Your Car in the Summer

Friday, June 7th, 2019


Oh, this summer already feels like a scorcher doesn’t it? This month, June 2019, is the beginning of summer and anyone outside for more than a few minutes is already sweating. If that’s true, then just think about our poor cars. They can suffer some serious sun damage and get worn down a lot quicker with the elements of the warm weather. Luckily, there are a number of things a driver can do to protect their vehicle in the summer.

Standard Maintenance

Nothing like a little routine maintenance to make sure everything is looking good. Do the tires have enough tread should the roads become wet or difficult to drive? How about the brake pads? These are components we hardly think about when getting an oil change. Nothing like a little tune-up to make sure the car is ready to perform this summer.

Now to keep it protected. Although rinsing a car off as soon as possible after a trip to the beach or a little mudding is a good practice, washing a car before it gets dirty is also a smart way to go. Making sure a car is clean is also the first step to take before sealing in all its automotive goodness. After a car wash, applying a coat of wax to a car can help protect it from the sun and keep the paint job looking fresh. For extra protection, look for spray-on film products at the local auto shop to protect your car from scrape and small debris.



Thursday, April 26th, 2018
Miami Lakes Automall Spring Cleaning

Miami Lakes Automall Spring Cleaning

April is National Car Care Month, and everyone is getting in on it with the hashtag #NationalCarCareMonth. Officially made a “thing” by the Care Care Council, two months every year are dedicated to bringing attention to the importance of car care and preventative maintenance. Like “National Heat Awareness Day” is the last Friday in May, and January is “Move Over Month”, car care now has April and October as the two months to get a jump on car care.

National Car Care Month

Okay, so why April? Well, being on the verge of the hottest season, the summer, April is the best time to get one’s car ready for all those summer road trips, vacations, and days spent at the beach. Spring can also mean inclement weather like a lot of rain or slushy and slippery streets up north.

We have plenty of articles on proper maintenance for one’s car for the warm seasons, like how to beach proof your car, and also how to kid proof your car, being the messy little buggers they are. Let’s not forget pet proofing a car, too, since pets can be as messy as kids. A single picnic during this wonderful spring, and kids and pets will be bringing in all sorts of dirt and mud. However, there are other tips and advice straight from the Car Care Council to keep in mind during Car Care Month.


Routine Car Maintenance: Know Where To Go

Monday, April 9th, 2018


There are some perks if you have decided to purchase a vehicle instead of leasing. One perk is you don’t have to worry about going over a certain amount of miles per year, but you will have to worry about repairs you might not have faced before. As aging vehicles approach around 100,000 miles or get older, there’s usually different concerns as the vehicle will require closer attention to any problems. However, preventive maintenance before that mark should always occur every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

For newer drivers, routine maintenance is what we we’ll cover here so that you car can make it to that 100k mark.

Along the way, usually different parts need to be replaced or serviced, from brake rotors and brake pads to common fluids that help your vehicle move and stay lubricated, such as oil. That’s where Miami Lakes Automall can help. We can ensure you have the right parts and quickly get you back on the road in a safe, properly running vehicle. Below are different routine car maintenance services we commonly address and will be happy to help you out with for the life of your vehicle.

Routine Tire Rotations + Alignment

Your vehicle needs to have its tires rotated regularly. Your vehicle’s alignment is also important to maintain a proper wear with your tires, an alignment fix is all it takes to ensure your vehicle can stay running smoothly. If you’ve noticed your tires are wearing down only on one side, or simply your vehicle drifts either left or right when your hand is not on the steering wheel while moving forward, that means you’ll need to have your vehicle’s alignment looked at.

Oil Changes

For most vehicles, between every 3,000-5,000 miles traveled is when the oil should be changed. If you use fully synthetic oil you can help your vehicle with a product that offers greater engine wear protection and requires fewer changes. Synthetic oils typically outperform conventional motor oils and synthetic oil flows better at low temperatures. Whether you choose synthetic or conventional, your vehicle’s engine will thank you when you come in for an oil change.

Brake Replacements

As mentioned above, brakes wear down over time. If you notice your brakes have some wear, that’s normal. It’s when you can hear a loud squeaking sound that they might be worn down or if you press your brakes and they don’t respond promptly. That’s when you should take care of this problem and we have all the parts to ensure your vehicle will stop properly.

Radiator Fluid Replacement

Flush your radiator and cooling system is not something you’ll have to do often. Most likely only once or twice in your vehicle’s lifetime. A flush doesn’t cost a lot at all and allows your vehicle to cool the engine more efficiently. Getting a flush done is best when left to the professionals though, as this task requires proper disposal of the old radiator fluid. Radiator fluid can be toxic; meaning you don’t want to do this at your home anyway. With a proper flush and radiator fluid replacement can last for upwards of 150,000 miles.

Where All Your Maintenance Needs Are Met

Trust our service team. We have experience handling vehicles of all makes and models every day of the week, we’re ready to help you out at Miami Lakes Automall. Our professional staff has been trained and welcomes you on your visit.   

With a simple appointment, we’ll be ready to service your vehicle for any of the needs you’ll have that were mentioned above and more. We look forward to making your vehicle run like new, even if you haven’t purchased your vehicle with us. We use only quality parts at our service department and work to ensure your replacement parts are made specifically for it.

When You Want to Get Into a New Vehicle

We’re your destination for new and pre-owned vehicles in case you’re not ready to keep investing in your current vehicle. Take a look at our inventory and stop by for a test drive. We’ll be ready to assist you with any trade-in, buying or selling when you visit us at Miami Lakes Automall!

From quality licensed parts to providing the proper attention to you for any of your needs, we will make your visit a wonderful experience. Miami Lakes Automall is located at 16600 NW 57th Ave., Miami Lakes, FL 33014.

Returning a Vehicle to Its Former Glory

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017
Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Returning Car Glory

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Returning Car Glory

Have an older vehicle in the driveway? What was once the newest and coolest thing on wheels, is not that fresh anymore, but there are some ways drivers can return their used car to its former glory.

Is It Worth It?

Before we discuss how to fix up an old vehicle, one should look into the costs of sprucing it up versus its worth. The easiest way to do this is find out as many details about the vehicle as possible. What trim is it? What features does it have? The easiest way to do this is to grab the vehicle identification number from the vehicle (near the bottom of the windshield) and pop it into an online VIN decoder. That will tell you all you need to know. (more…)

Summerize Your Car – Here’s How

Thursday, June 8th, 2017
Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Summer Car

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Summer Car

This month will cast the official start of the summer, and you know what that means. Sun (and rain), blue skies (sometimes cloudy), and the beach (more rain). For the “Sunshine State” Florida seems to get more rain than any of the 50 states, and yet here we are. Maybe it’s just the leftovers from spring and we’ll get sunny skies soon. Before then though, there’s something you should do – summerize your car.

Prep It

Before we go about investing in accessories, prepare your car for summer heat and salty air. We discussed plenty of things one can do in our article on beach proofing your car. We’ll cover a few here too, mainly when it comes to avoiding the heat on the inside rather the exterior. To prep a vehicle for the summer, some average maintenance is always a good practice. Make sure everything is running properly, especially the a/c system. Nothing is worse than driving in a hot car where rolling down the windows just makes it worse.

While getting your car checked out, think of getting some tint on the windows done. This can help reduce some of the heat build up if your vehicle doesn’t have sunscreen or solar glass. Another good way to prep is to use a type of moisture repellent around and inside your car. RainX is a great brand for items like this. They can be used on various parts of your vehicle to keep them clean and protected.


Avoiding Car Damage and Mess from the Beach

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017
Miami Lakes Beach Proof Car

Miami Lakes Beach Proof Car

Do you like to go to the beach? Do you hate all the sand in your car that comes with it? Do you wish you could leave the beach … at the beach? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we’ve got some news for you. Here’s some things you can do to keep your car in good condition, even if you’re a beach bum.

Talkin’ ‘Bout the Car Wash, Yeah

Sometimes, it’s as simple as keeping your car, truck, or what-have-you clean. In the summer, the sun is out and it’s hot and it’s super bright. Car paint and finishes are vulnerable to all that sunlight and the finish can start to crack, peel, and bleed. Okay, not bleed, but you get it.

Best thing you can do to avoid damage to the finish is wash your car regularly and put on a coat of wax. Be it at the local gas station or in your own driveway, washing a car and applying protective wax at least once a month, and biweekly when temps are soaring, will help a lot. When coming back from the beach, don’t go straight to scrubbing — that leads to possible damage from salt air and any sand caught on the car. Instead, just rinse it down and wash it later.

Keeping the Sand Out