Mitsubishi Triton Receives a 5-Star Safety Rating from ANCAP for 2024

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The Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck may not have a U.S. release date, and maybe never will. There is some hope with Nissan and Mitsubishi working on a new pickup truck for the U.S. and new battery-electric vehicles (BEV) together. The two investments into the proposal by Renault to open up the BEV facility Ampere are already paying off. If we do get a Mitsubishi pickup truck over here, we wonder how well it will go. Midsize trucks are still a niche market, but have a whole consumer base that misses them. That’s why we always take a look at the good news for the Triton – any good news for the Triton is good news for a U.S. pickup truck by Mitsubishi. Recently, the all-new Triton one-ton pickup truck earned a maximum five-star rating in the 2024 Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

Australia is really overseas and down under, and we’ve all heard the stories of man-eating spiders. Just kidding, they don’t really exist…I think. If the Mitsubishi Triton can weather that storm, then it’s no wonder Mitsubishi has entered a modified Triton into the 2024 The Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR). The AXCR covers nearly 1250 miles of trials to test the best vehicles that can handle the ASEAN region’s largest cross-country rally. With excellent road handling on rough terrain, the Mitsubishi Triton is sure to do well.

When it comes to the safety of the pickup truck for the average consumer, getting five stars by global or regional safety standards is a plus. Not only did the Mitsubishi Triton earn a five-star rating, but it’s the first double-cab pickup to receive such a high rating from ANCAP. Like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), vehicles go through a number of different tests to test a vehicle’s crashworthiness. Withstanding four categories of testing, the Mitsubishi Triton passed Adult Occupant Protection with 86 percent, Child Occupation Protection with 89 percent, Vulnerable Road User Protection with 74 percent, and Safety Assist with 70 percent. Each category is designed with multiple tests and measures.

The Adult Occupant Protection tests include (1) a frontal offset test at 30 mph that was rated GOOD for protecting the critical body regions of the driver and front passenger, (2) a full-width frontal test at 30 mph that rated GOOD for the driver and adequate for the rear passenger(s), (3) a side impact test at almost 37 mph that was rated GOOD for the driver, (4) an oblique pole test and far side impact tests that were rated as adequate for vehicle-to-vehicle impact scenarios and vehicle-to-pole scenarios, (5) plus a look at whiplash protection.

Child Occupant Protection runs (1) a front offset test for 10-year and 6-year dummies that was rated GOOD, and (2) a side impact test for 10-year and 6-year dummies that was rated GOOD, (3) plus an inspection of on-board safety features and child seat restraint types.

When it comes to Vehicle Road user Protection, (1) pedestrian and cyclist impact tests were measured with a GOOD rating, and (2) autonomous emergency braking (AEB) for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycles was able to mitigate most collision scenarios with pedestrians and cyclists, receiving a GOOD rating, but wasn’t tested for motorcycle protection.

Safety Assist looked at AEB performance in car-to-car, junction assist, and head-on scenarios, all of which received a GOOD rating. Advanced safety features are also measured, such as (1) a lane support system like Lane Keep Assist, rated GOOD. The report also discussed speed assistance systems like Intelligent Speed Limit Assist and adaptive cruise control, and occupant detection and driver monitoring tests that performed well.

The Triton is also built with the high-rigidity RISE body construction Mitsubishi Motors is known for. Designed to absorb energy and minimize cabin deformation in the event of a crash, Mitsubishi models are tough. Whether or not a new Mitsubishi pickup truck comes to the States, the models that are present in the North American lineup will provide consumers with protection and safety. Find a new Mitsubishi at Miami Lakes Automall today.

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