Mitsubishi Motors and The Chamberlain Group Add myQ to Select Models

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Mitsubishi Motors drivers may be aware of the My Mitsubishi Connect app. It’s a handy app that can work with select models to make auto maintenance and other services more readily available to the owner or driver. Recently, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) decides that it was time to add another convenient feature to the My Mitsubishi Connect app. Every driver who owns or rents a house with a garage knows the joy of pulling in and having a place to store the car, away from the natural elements and safe. Those same drivers also know the pain of having to get out and punch in a code or something to get the garage door to go up – garage opener devices seem to fail us more often than not. Here is hoping the myQ Connected Garage, available through a partnership between The Chamberlain Group, Inc. (CGI) and MMNA, is more reliable.

CGI, global leader in access control solutions with its Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door opener brands and myQ connected technology, is making Mitsubishi Motors the first automaker that gets a chance to make use of this technology in two models. Specifically, the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander and 2022 Eclipse Cross vehicles, as well as select 2018 and newer Eclipse Cross vehicles will be the first models to make use of this new feature, as long as they come equipped with Android Auto™ or have the My Mitsubishi Connect mobile app. Via either, drivers can easily use the myQ connected garage door opener from within the vehicle through the use of the touchscreen.

“We are excited to partner with Mitsubishi Motors to help enhance the driver experience when it comes to garage control…myQ Smart Vehicle Access has allowed Mitsubishi to integrate smart garage control capabilities within the car’s in-dash touchscreen, allowing drivers to stay connected to home and know that their garage is secure.” – James Trainor, Vice President General Manager of Automotive for Chamberlain Group

The My Mitsubishi Connect mobile app is a slowly evolving piece of Mitsubishi Motors tech that makes life easier for Mitsubishi owners and drivers. Made available only recently, the app is slowly growing in popularity. Owners of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles that can be registered make an account, and then they get access to several features built into the app. These include: scheduling car maintenance appointments and reminders, SOS help and emergency services with 24 hour Mitsubishi Assist, be notified of Mitsubishi Motors-related news and promos, as well as easily find a Mitsubishi dealership nearby with the Sales & Service Locator.

The myQ Connected Garage is nothing new in terms of technology – there are many apps out there that let consumers know if their alarm is on or off, lights, etc, and the ability to turn such devices on or off remotely. When it comes to a garage door opener, myQ will actually pop up as an app for iPhone and Android smartphone users to use their phone as a garage door opener. However, putting this tech into a vehicle, with the ability to open a garage from virtually anywhere is a whole new take. Most garage door openers need the device to be in range, but with myQ Connected Garage drivers will know if their garage is open or closed and can open or close it as well for whatever reason – letting in the kids, someone is picking up a package, the kind of stuff where having an easy way to open the garage from afar would be useful.

Mitsubishi Motors is making life just a little easier, one piece of car tech at a time. Learn more about new Mitsubishi features when you follow us on Miami Lakes Mitsubishi social media . Or go hands on with a test drive of the new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander or a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross .

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