Mitsubishi Gives OId Vehicles New Purpose

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Mitsubishi really is surprising us lately. Really, they keep coming out with new concepts, automotive technology, and are continuing to expand with their Nissan-Renault partnership/competitor. Back when the last Lancer Evo was auctioned off and the Lancer was discontinued, we thought that was the last we’ve seen of the old Mitsubishi vehicles. Soon after they announced their centennial anniversary, that news quickly subsided.

A New Evo

Evo, short for “evolution”, was the nameplate given to the Lancer Evolution before it was discontinued. Recently, Mitsubishi has been adamant about moving their brand into the future with hybrid SUVs and electric vehicles . Their Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter project , currently taking place in New York City, is proof of that. Now, we may be in for a surprise, because the “Evo” nameplate is coming back, and Mitsubishi will be slapping it on an upcoming electric vehicle (EV) concept.

It took some digging around, but there is one Mitsubishi concept that has yet to see the light since its first debut several years ago – the Mitsubishi eX. With the new technology in the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and a multi-year contract with a company that develops human-to-computer interaction software, many signs are pointing to the Mitsubishi eX. Why? Well here’s what we know about the concept.

The Mitsubishi eX will be an electric vehicle powered by a twin-motor drivetrain with Mitsubishi’s Super All-Wheel Control. As part of the infotainment system, Mitsubishi Connect, an “all-connected” type of virtual assistant may be integrated. This is suggested given the artificial intelligence Mitsubishi states the eX concept will come with, a sort of cloud-based service that can recommend local events to the driver based on their interests, buy movie tickets based on internet activity i.e. watching a movie trailer several times, and more.

This is all pretty exciting, but the eX concept took a backseat shortly after its debut. Luckily, it has resurfaced since Mitsubishi linked up with Nissan-Renault. The new concept, or more so the secret new Evo EV concept, will show up at the Tokyo Motor Show this month, October 2017.

The ReModel A

With their centennial anniversary, Mitsubishi Motors decided to bring back an oldie but a goodie – their first vehicle ever, the Mitsubishi Model A. However, reproducing a vehicle that came out in 1917 wouldn’t be a very smart idea in today’s auto industry without a few upgrades. Remember the news on remodeling the Mitsubishi Model A with _ West Coast Customs _ from MTV’s _ Pimp My Ride _ ? The new model was finally unveiled at the Mitsubishi North American headquarters, but when it comes to PR and the media, there aren’t any pictures of it aside from black tarp covering up an unknown vehicle.

What we do know is that Mitsubishi built the new Model A on the same platform as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi Motors’ well-known plug-in hybrid … in Korea. It has yet to make it to American shores, so the “re-model” A may be the first plug-in hybrid we get on American shores. The PHEV platform isn’t the only upgrade though – the new Model A will also have Super All-Wheel Control, plug-in capabilities, Smartphone Display Audio, and advanced safety feature Forward Collision Mitigation. We’ll know more about it when it debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show, December 1-10.

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