Mitsubishi Has Autonomous Vehicle Tech After All

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Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Autonomous Vehicle Tech

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Autonomous Vehicle Tech

Mitsubishi is entering the autonomous car game, and it’s about time. It’s a surprise this motor company was about to go down last year with all the new vehicles they have coming out. Maybe they were going for dramatic effect, or just needed a helping hand. Either way, after 100 years, Mitsubishi Motors continues to go on strong.

Yeah, it’s been 100 years since Mitsubishi Motors formed in Japan. We wondered what would come of them going forward, and wouldn’t you know it’s one surprise after another. First it was the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross debut at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show . Then it was the teased Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Limited Edition trim, now hitting dealerships. So what’s next?

Autonomous cars vehicles is what’s next. A lot of crazes are hitting the automotive industry – crossovers and SUVS, hybrids, electric vehicles and trucks , and autonomous cars a.k.a. vehicles that can drive themselves. We were starting to think Mitsubishi Motors was far from entering this race, but they were just warming up. Surprisingly, the autonomous tech they’re discussing came from one of the other Mitsubishi brands , Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

So how does it all work? Mitsubishi’s autonomous tech is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and the company’s own Mobile Mapping System (MMS). Different from other mapping and GPS systems, autonomous systems like the MMS develop 3D maps based on the vehicle’s surroundings. Then, in tandem with artificial intelligence, Mitsubishi’s MMS offers constant information as it changes, such as traffic signals, surrounding vehicles, and other variables for safe and precise autonomous driving.

At this point, it sounds a lot like other autonomous systems that make use of laser scanners, cameras, and GPS antennas while driving. That’s where Mitsubishi is different. Awhile back, they talked about an electric car concept said to have artificial intelligence – not only would the car drive itself, but it would be the first smart car that can interact with the driver based on their personal interests. With a sophisticated AI system such as this, Mitsubishi’s MMS will be able to create maps ten times faster than the norm via the AI’s precise extraction and recognition of data.

* We won’t lie, we thought the eX concept died off when Mitsubishi turned towards crossovers as their focus. Maybe that white flag was actually the sun in our eyes from the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. We’ll see what happens – 2017 is still young after all. *

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