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nissan and mitsubishi merger

Mitsubishi + Nissan Partnership is Likely To Be Mutually Beneficial

nissan and mitsubishi merger

In October, Nissan Motors purchased a controlling interest in Mitsubishi Motors for $2.3 billion and it looks like the partnership will be is mutually beneficial.

For example, Mitsubishi as a brand has a strong presence in markets that Nissan has not been able to penetrate. Nissan doesn’t do as well as Mitsubishi in Asian markets, so Mitsubishi could help increase Nissan’s presence and reputation in the Asian car market arena.

There are a couple types of products Mitsubishi has been able to excel in both production and sales. The first market is the PHEV market and the second would be small crossover vehicles. Nissan is not as well versed in these markets and they could definitely use a helping hand from Mitsubishi’s engineers and marketing team. Read the rest of this entry >>

Miami Lakes Nissan Mitsubishi GT PHEV Concept Paris

What Could the New Mitsubishi + Nissan Partnership Bring?

Miami Lakes Nissan Mitsubishi GT PHEV Concept Paris

If you haven’t heard the news, Nissan is in the process of taking Mitsubishi Motors under their wing. Back in April, Nissan purchased a huge chunk (34 percent) of Mitsubishi Motors. That’s not enough to own the company, but it’s enough to create an important joint partnership, and what is to come in the future could be very exciting.

For starters, we could see a whole new lineup of vehicles in the next few years. With new access to the Nissan/Renault vehicles, a veil will be lifted on design and technology advancements. Mitsubishi is also strong in crossovers, 4x4s, SUVs, and pickup trucks, so we’re bound to see bigger and badder vehicles.

Of course, because the two companies are still separate, we won’t see cars from Mitsubishi that have the Nissan badge slapped on, nor vice-versa. We will however see a large amount of sharing between the two companies. Particularly a sharing of technology design and implementation, a tech swap if you will. Why? Well if there’s one thing we know Mitsubishi is knocking home runs in, it’s in plug-in hybrids.

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Mitsubishi May Use EVO Name for Future Electric SUV

Future Mitsubishi SUVs - Concepts

You find yourself standing on the lot of a Mitsubishi Miami dealer. All around you are vehicles. From cars to SUVs, you know one thing to be true: you have quite a few options.

Over the years, Mitsubishi Motors has built itself into one of the most popular automakers thanks to affordable pricing, stylish design, and of course, a high level of performance from every vehicle in its lineup.

Just the same as most automakers, Mitsubishi is moving toward producing more electric vehicles. Recent reports note that the company may use the EVO name in a future electric SUV.

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3 Ways Mitsubishi Offers You More


When shopping for a new set of wheels there may be many things on the top of your list such as dependability, technological additions, performance and style. If this is the case, then Mitsubishi has the right vehicle for you. Not only do they deliver vehicles that are fun to drive, but they create works of art that will leave others envious. Here is how Mitsubishi offers you more.

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