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October is an Excellent Time to Buy a Mitsubishi


If you are in the market for a newer vehicle, October is an excellent time to buy. There are many incentives Mitsubishi currently offers, which can help you buy one of their unique vehicles at an affordable price.

Here at Miami Lakes Mitsubishi, we work hard to help you receive the best deal possible. When you visit our beautiful Miami dealership, you’ll discover a great selection of new models at affordable prices. Once you select a vehicle, our finance team will work hard with a large network of lenders to help you receive the best terms. As part of this, here are some of the incentives Mitsubishi is currently offering.

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The 3 Best Mitsubishi Models to Test Drive


Mitsubishi has a versatile array of vehicles making them the perfect choice for anyone. Whether you are looking for a bold sedan or a spacious SUV, Mitsubishi has the vehicle for you. Moreover, with an excellent 10-year, 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty, you’ll receive the confidence inspiring durability that comes from owning a Mitsubishi.

Here at Miami Lakes Mitsubishi, we want to be your Mitsubishi dealer of choice. We accomplish this with our diverse selection of new models. When you visit our dealership, here are three models you should test drive, which will help you experience the thrill of owning a Mitsubishi.

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Mitsubishi Dealer - Basic Evo Mods

The Best Basic Mitsubishi Evo Mods

The Evo has inspired a whole new generation of tuners to take the plunge under the hood and make their cars unique from those everyone buys at their local Mitsubishi dealer. So we put together a list of some of the more popular Evo mods. These are basic mods, so that means that with only a novice set of tools and a little mechanical ability you can perform these modifications—all you need is patience and an Evo. Read the rest of this entry >>

Evo vs STi - Mitsubishi Dealer

Lancer Evolution (Evo) vs. Subaru WRX STi

Car guys love the head-to-head competition. Whether its foosball or car comparisons—the fun is just as much in the competition as it is in the victory. So, this Mitsubishi dealer doesn’t see anything wrong with dissecting a great feud in the car world.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (or simply “Evo) and the Subaru WRX STi has been rival platforms long enough to have inspired some pretty spirited debates. Hopefully we can settle a couple of those right here, right now.

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