A Look at 2020 and Mitsubishi Motors

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2020 is almost over, we’re so close! With the end of the year in mind, we’d like to do our usual yearly roundup of all the good news to remind us of the little wins to celebrate. Home to many automakers, Mitsubishi Motors included, at Miami Lakes Automall, we would like to point out some of the many prestigious winnings Mitsubishi Motor had this year. Although, when it comes to the likes of J.D. Power & Associates, there is no such thing as winning – just “high ranking”.

J.D. Power

All-year long, J.D. Power & Associates conduct many studies in a variety of industries, and when it comes to automobiles, we’re always interested to see what the organization has to say. Well, that’s not true. Every study is conducted by sending out surveys to consumers who have either purchased or leased a new vehicle in the last 90 days. So, if Mitsubishi is ranked high, it’s because the people love it! The truth is in the pudding with Mitsubishi Motors ranking as the highest Japanese auto brand during the J.D. Power 2020 Initial Quality Study .

Mitsubishi Motors also did very well in the J.D. Power U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study , with a focus on Service Initiation, Vehicle Pick-Up, Service Facility, Service Quality, and Service Advisory. Not so much the vehicles, but the service dealerships give them. Out of a 1000-pointcale, Mitsubishi received a score of 837. That’s like a B minus in grade school, so not bad. Another not product-related study was the J.D. Power 2020 Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study . This study is all about how easy it is for consumers to find the information they’re looking for on a manufacturer website, and so many automakers have such a down-right horrible design – even we get lost sometimes looking for the specs of our competitors – so it’s definitely a large issue. Mitsubishi Motors, however, did very well for the following key factors (in order of importance): information/content; appearance; navigation; and speed.

Mitsubishi Motors is also improving its automotive tech and how it helps consumers. One mobile app Mitsubishi consumers will be able to use is the Mitsubishi Road Assist+. This app collects driving behavior data through the telematics system and provides the driver with feedback to help improve unsafe driving behavior. The hardware-free, smartphone-based application also collects information from geospatial context to driving events, such as weather and road conditions to make drivers aware of what’s up ahead. This app got a lot of recognition, and Mitsubishi Motors received the 2020 Future Digital Awards for Road Assist+ .

Follow the Leader

When the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance held a digital presentation of the new plans for automobile production over the next few years, there was a lot of discussion about self-driving vehicles, electric cars, and vehicle connectivity. Out of all of this, the Alliance also announced a new “Follow the Leader” business plan. Each automaker would be in charge of a specific region for sales. Then, an automaker would release a new vehicle in that region, and if it did well, the other automakers would release a similar vehicle in their own respective regions before crossing over for competition.

It seems Mitsubishi Motors is taking the lead on this one. The first vehicle to be released has been kept under wraps, but we know it will either be in the C or D car segment – or anything from a subcompact car to a large SUV. Mitsubishi has enough SUVs as it is, so we’re hoping for a reincarnated version of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The automaker had discussed bringing back the EVO nameplate on an electric or plug-in hybrid, so we’re eagerly waiting for more news.

With all those high-ranking accomplishments, Mitsubishi Motors is doing better than ever. Want to find yourself a new Mitsubishi vehicle? Come to Miami Lakes Automall or call us and ask about our at-home test drives .

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