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Owning a brand new Mitsubishi is an awesome thing, but it’s not for everyone. For some people it’s not financially prudent, for others it might be a style issue.

F ortunately for us, we get to help out everyone here at Miami Lakes’ Mitsubishi dealership and today we’re looking at some of the best choices available for people who are shopping for a used car.

The Mitsubishi Hall of Fame has a few icons that are easy winners for any buyer. Here are a couple of our favorites.


Whether you go generation one (1990-1994) or generation two (1994-1998) depends on what exactly your looking to get out of your model. Generation one gets high marks on some important variables—weight and handling go hand and hand so it’s no surprise that the early model Eclipses are low weight and stiff handling. They also rank high for ease and availability of modifications.

Generation two saw an expansion of the trim models available so there are lots of subtle variations that you can’t find from the early year Eclipses. Due to the peak popularity of this generation, the market was flooded with aftermarket accessories. This further sweetened the pot for tuners looking to make a unique Eclipse platform.


The 3000GT, in most cases, is a step up in cost from the Eclipse but you get a lot for the money. Look to any year model of this iconic brand and you will find diehard fans to argue it was the best year for the model.

The four-wheel drive system pushed the GT in front of many of its competitors in terms of handling and steering control. The four-wheel steering didn’t hurt either. The GT also unveiled a tune-on-the-fly exhaust system that could be toggled between performance and touring modes.


The Lancer Evolution, much like the 3000GT a few decades earlier, is a transformative platform. While it has some impressive technology in its own right, the key to the Evo’s success is its tuner-friendly design.

It’s not just that there are tons of suspension bolt-on modification for any-year Evo, it’s also the fact that many of them will be used by amateurs inspired by the DIY spirit of the car. If you take pride in doing your own auto work, the Evo will give you all you can handle.

And the modifications can grow with your own skill level. Right down to inner-engine work, you can find easy to follow instructions for taking a stock Evo and turning it into something that uniquely reflects your own personality and mechanical ability.

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