Mitsubishi Attracts New Business with 2022 Outlander

At the end of June 2021, Mitsubishi Motors held a shareholders meeting to talk about the future of the company and upcoming models. Even with the power of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, 2020 hit everyone in the industry hard, and it may have forced Mitsubishi to leave some concepts on the cutting room floor. We’re talking about the Engelberg Tourer and Mi-Tech concepts, originally set to replace the aging Outlander PHEV. Instead, making it clear that the future of the automaker lies within plug-in hybrids and electric vehicle (EV) technology, Mitsubishi chose a new flagship model – the upcoming Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV. Before it arrives, the newly redesigned 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander is pulling Mitsubishi Motors out of the wreckage.

Redesigned for 2022, the Mitsubishi Outlander comes with a new platform, new design, and new tech to change the way consumers look at this SUV. When the semiconductor chip shortage started to affect the auto industry, many automakers had to choose between temporarily retiring more advanced features and production. Instead of using up resources for a limited production, new consumer incentives and advertising for Mitsubishi Motors increased instead with the money that would usually go towards production. This boosted the profitability of the automaker when the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander came out in April, selling 6,954 units in the second quarter of 2021, double that of 2020.

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NHTSA Gives 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Five Stars

Mitsubishi Motors has been trying to find itself as of late. If any automaker ever went soul-searching this year, it’s definitely the automaker from the land of the red sun. Over the past few years, Mitsubishi joined Renault and Nissan to form the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, has released two plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) concepts in 2019 that never went anywhere, and the latest news is talks about two models being produced by Renault, for Mitsubishi Motors, to help the automaker secure certain regions of the European market. In the midst of it all, an Eclipse Cross PHEV is on the horizon – but before we get to that, the newly redesigned 2022 Eclipse Cross is making noise in the department of safety.

“We work every day to design, engineer and build safe and reliable vehicles, as proven by this 5-Star safety rating recognition by NHTSA for the 2022 Eclipse Cross…The 2022 Eclipse Cross offers consumers fresh styling, updated technology and connectivity and stirring performance, as well as top-level quality and safety scores.” – Cason Grover, director, product planning, MMNA

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Miami Lakes 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi Motors Introduces New Flagship PHEV

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross surprised everyone didn’t it? Once known as a sports car, the Mitsubishi Eclipse, there were some racing fans that didn’t like the fact that one of their favorites was coming back as a crossover. It was, at least in the first year, a huge disappointment. That tune quickly changed the following year as reviews about the Eclipse Cross and what it can offer consumers started to appear on the internet. Selling nearly 20,000 units in 2019, it was a better year for the crossover, and as it returns for the new model year, the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has found itself, produced with changes in appearance and features. The automaker is so confident, a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross plug-in hybrid is currently in the works.

So, here’s the thing – Mitsubishi Motors finally broke its silence in late June 2021 about the rumors surrounding a revival of the Lancer Evolution series, a rally car the automaker became popular for. The signs were there for a return with Mitsubishi reopening Ralliart, the team responsible for the Lancer Evolution, and releasing concept art for the never-before-seen rally car, the Mitsubishi Starion 4WD. And yet, during a shareholders’ meeting, but the automaker confirmed that Mitsubishi Motors is focused on electric vehicle development.

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The New 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

When Mitsubishi Motors brought the Eclipse back from the grave, it did so in a way not many fans of the once sports car were expecting – a crossover. Not an SUV, not a hatchback, and definitely not a sports car, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross came with some backlash, but that didn’t stop the new model from paving a way for the first of new and upcoming models from the automaker. Over the last several years, especially after joining Renault and Nissan into the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Mitsubishi Motors is trying to find itself. After disappearing for the 2021 model year, the Eclipse Cross returns for 2022 with a new sense of self and the looks to prove it.

What’s New for 2022?

Mitsubishi Motors has been integrating a new Dynamic Shield into the models of its lineup, a new face that will set a pattern for all models. The Mitsubishi Outlander and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport first wore the new Dynamic Shield with slimmer headlights and a new grille with a honeycomb pattern. A combination of lights are at each corner to join the illumination at the front of the vehicle. The new design also adds a little extra interior space.

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Mitsubishi_logo - Mitsubishi in Miami

Mitsubishi Motors Breaks Its Silence About the EVO

In May 2020, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance shared its news strategy of its Alliance 2022 business plan. The new strategy had a “Follow the Leader” pattern, with Mitsubishi Motors set to be the first automaker of the three to release a new vehicle. There is just one small problem – the complete lack of news from Mitsubishi Motors Corp (MMC) and the automaker about any upcoming models. Ever since, there has been a lot of talk on the internet about this new Mitsubishi vehicle being a sports car, and possibly the revival of the Lancer Evolution after the release of the never-before-seen Mitsubishi Starion 4WD concept art. Alas, Mitsubishi Motors finally broke its silence, and no Lancer is in sight. The future is still electric vehicles (EVs).

At the end of June 2021, Mitsubishi Motors held a shareholders meeting, and many in attendance were asking about the Lancer Evo or a new sports car, especially after Mitsubishi decided to bring back its high-performance Ralliart team. This is the same team that took the original Mitsubishi Lancer and turned it into a powerful rally car, the Lancer Evolution, that went on for several generations before meeting its eventual end. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? However, unlike the Dodge//SRT team, Ralliart will be taking more of a backseat like MOPAR and serve as an after-market supplier of accessories consumers can use to enhance the performance of various future models.

Hopes – dashed.

“Electrification costs a lot of development, and we still don’t have enough strength as a company. We put out a big deficit in the previous fiscal year, so we want to revive the company first and then put out a little car that fans are waiting for.” – translated via Google Translate from Japanese publication Response by way of Japanese Nostalgic Car

Salt in the wound, isn’t it? Not that we’re trying to rub it in. Stings for us, too.

But we knew this going in. When discussing the future of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance after the digital press release in May, we knew plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and electric vehicles were coming to the forefront. Nissan and Renault have been developing new EV platforms and powertrains called ePTs, Nissan released a new EV platform for use across all three brands, and Mitsubishi has had its share of concepts over the years. Aside from the requests for the Lancer Evolution, the other question Mitsubishi Motors gets a lot is what plans are for the Outlander PHEV.

The Outlander PHEV might get a replacement within the next few years. Quickly putting on the years, the plug-in hybrid SUV has had its success and time in the spotlight, but with the new technology being introduced in today’s modern cars, the Outlander PHEV is falling behind. A plug-in hybrid SUV was once a rarity but is quickly meeting competition. There have been some contenders – in 2019, during the Geneva International Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi revealed the Engelberg Tourer concept and the Mi-Tech concept, respectively. The Engelberg Tourer was more so a sporty version of the Outlander PHEV, whereas the Mi-Tech was a new take on plug-in hybrid technology, but there hasn’t been any news about either since.What is Mitsubishi Motors up to? If the Lancer EVO isn’t making a comeback, then what EV could Mitsubishi possibly be working on? Stay up to date with all Mitsubishi Motors-related news when you follow us on Miami Lakes Automall Mitsubishi social media.

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