Concept XR-PHEV is Set to Revolutionize Sport Scene

mitsubishi_concept_xr-phev - Mitsubishi Dealers

Mitsubishi recently brought their Concept XR-PHEV to the 2014 Paris Motor Show as a teaser of what may come.

It’s a performance SUV that is also extremely eco-friendly, and this is where Mitsubishi dealers see the future heading.

Today, consumers still opt for performance over efficiency. Evidence of that can be seen in the craze surrounding Dodge’s Challenger SRT Hellcat which only scrapes together 22 miles per gallon.

Mitsubishi believes that future drivers will not be willing to make that compromise and will want sport vehicles that give them the best of both worlds.

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A Dynamic Duo: Jackie Chan and the Evo

Jackie Chan Thunderbolt - Mitsubishi Dealers in Miami

We’ve all come to know and love Jackie Chan as a martial arts master who injects his work with large doses of humor, playfulness, and bad jokes.

But there is something else that he has also become famous for: his high speed skills in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

If you don’t associate the two, then it’s likely that you have totally missed out on some seriously spectacular movies. Chan and Mitsubishi go way back, and the company’s cars have appeared in many of the famous actor’s films.

To truly comprehend how epic the Lancer Evolution is, you have to revisit its cinematic, butt-kicking roots. Then you’ll get why it’s one of the most popular models at Mitsubishi dealers in Miami.

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Mirage Boasts Best Mileage and Price Sticker

2015-mitsubishi-mirage-es- Mitsubishi Dealers

The latest incarnation of the Mitsubishi Mirage is definitely set to impress with its outstanding EPA rating and impressive affordability.

Mitsubishi holds efficiency as a high priority whether they’re working on a gasoline or electric powered vehicle. Their 2015 Mirage has been named the number one non-hybrid car in the U.S. for fuel economy.

Take a closer look at the Mirage to find out what makes this model from Mitsubishi dealers such a hot topic for 2015.

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4 Important Innovations that Came From Mitsubishi

mitsubishi_mivec_turbo-Mitsubishi Dealers

Mitsubishi has a long history in the automotive world, and a big part of their heritage is tied to outstanding innovations in engineering.

Time and time again, they have produced exceptional new systems. And their ideas have been adopted by other makers who see the benefits of doing things the Mitsubishi way.

If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle from a brand that’s always on the cutting edge, Mitsubishi dealers are a great place to start looking.

When you buy, buy from a company that is always striving to make their vehicles the best. Here’s a look at just four of Mitsubishi’s many advancements.

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The i-MiEV is Revolutionizing City Driving

2014-mitsubishi-i-miev-Mitsubishi Dealers

Let’s face it, city driving can be tedious and a bit risky. You have to be pretty aggressive to navigate traffic and get where you need to go on time.

Some city dwellers even opt out of owning a vehicle because getting around and negotiating parking spaces can just be a nightmare.

On the other hand, being beholden to public transportation and having to plan your entire life around arranging rides can also cause stress.

So what’s the solution? The i-MiEV from Mitsubishi dealers is. Its popularity is growing, and it’s just right for the savvy, urban driver.

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