Mirage Road Trip - Mitsubishi Dealership

3 Great Road Trips for Mirage Owners

Expedition season is 365 days long here at your local Miami Mitsubishi dealership (and in South Florida in general). But that’s not the case for all the points within driving distance of the Mitsubishi Mirage.

So while the summer traveling season still has some life to it, we thought it might be helpful to layout a couple of South Florida road trips that take advantage of the Mirage’s great gas milage.

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Mitsubishi Dealer - Basic Evo Mods

The Best Basic Mitsubishi Evo Mods

The Evo has inspired a whole new generation of tuners to take the plunge under the hood and make their cars unique from those everyone buys at their local Mitsubishi dealer. So we put together a list of some of the more popular Evo mods. These are basic mods, so that means that with only a novice set of tools and a little mechanical ability you can perform these modifications—all you need is patience and an Evo. Read the rest of this entry >>

Mitsubishi Dealership - Best Used Models

3 Best Mitsubishi Models to Buy Used

Mitsubishi Dealership - Best Used Models

Owning a brand new Mitsubishi is an awesome thing, but it’s not for everyone. For some people it’s not financially prudent, for others it might be a style issue.

Fortunately for us, we get to help out everyone here at Miami Lakes’ Mitsubishi dealership and today we’re looking at some of the best choices available for people who are shopping for a used car.

The Mitsubishi Hall of Fame has a few icons that are easy winners for any buyer. Here are a couple of our favorites.

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Evo vs STi - Mitsubishi Dealer

Lancer Evolution (Evo) vs. Subaru WRX STi

Car guys love the head-to-head competition. Whether its foosball or car comparisons—the fun is just as much in the competition as it is in the victory. So, this Mitsubishi dealer doesn’t see anything wrong with dissecting a great feud in the car world.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (or simply “Evo) and the Subaru WRX STi has been rival platforms long enough to have inspired some pretty spirited debates. Hopefully we can settle a couple of those right here, right now.

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