When you are ready to buy a new Kia, South Miami has a lot of options. There are dozens of dealerships that carry Kias, but not all of them are created alike. If you want to get the best price on a Kia, you'll need to do a little research and take the right steps.

Research Local Kia Dealerships in South Miami

To start, you'll need to shop at the right dealership. Miami Lakes Kia offers competitive pricing on our entire Kia inventory, including the newest and most popular models, as well as our quality previously owned vehicles. In addition to our everyday low pricing, we also offer regular specials, such as discounts off the purchase price, extra value on a trade in or bundle deals for optional features.

Doing a little research will show that you are getting the best deal on a car purchase. Look at guidebooks like Edmunds or the Kelley Blue Book for current values. Then compare those prices to what you find in our inventory. We're confident that you'll be pleased with what you find.

Get Everything from Price to Financing Right Before Finalizing

Affordability is about more than the purchase price when it comes to a new car. Most people don't purchase a car with cash, and financing can add thousands to a car's price after all the interest is paid. Miami Lakes Kia works with a variety of lenders to ensure that our customers can get the financing terms to make their new vehicles fit their budget.

Don't pay more than you have to for a quality Kia vehicle. Shop the top Kia South Miami dealership, Miami Lakes Kia, to get a great price on a new car and great financing terms. You'll be able to channel those savings into road trips and other fun activities to enjoy your new car and time with your family.


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