Many people detest the idea of going shopping for a new car. That’s because they know that as soon as they step onto a lot, they’ll be like fresh meat thrown into a lion’s den. They know that they won’t get a moment’s rest from the sales people trying to show them different cars or pressuring them into buying. As a local Miami Kia car dealer, we're reversing that idea.

We Value Customer Relationships

At Miami Lakes Kia, we believe in opening a dialogue with our customers about what they need – not in doing everything we can to make a sale. That means that when you come into our dealership, one of our friendly sales representatives will introduce himself and start listening to you about what you need in a vehicle. If you need the space to browse, you will get it.

If you need answers to your questions, you will get them. If you need guidance in your selection, you will get it in the form of knowledgeable feedback based on the information you provided about what you need in a car.

Our goal is to help you find the vehicle that will meet your needs, and every aspect of our service is designed to meet that goal.

Once you do make your selection, we offer a range of financing options to help you find a way to fit the purchase into your budget. You can request to be pre-approved through our website before you ever come into the dealership, or you can wait until you are ready to make a purchase to start looking into financing.

Start Your New Car-Buying Experience 

Miami Lakes Kia is committed to the total satisfaction of every customer who walks through or doors. Meeting that goal begins and ends with good service. We work with our customers to help them find the vehicle they need – we don’t use high-pressure tactics to meet sales quotas. Come down to visit us today to learn why Miami Lakes Kia is a top Kia dealer in South Florida. 


Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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