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In the Miami area, you have many options to get your car serviced. You can take it to a garage, or you can choose one of the many dealerships in the area. Miami Lakes Kia has a friendly and knowledgeable service staff that can provide the car maintenance and repairs you need.

Recently, we have been welcoming former customers of the closed Kendall Kia dealership, but we have always welcomed all members of the community to visit our service department and see the difference we can make.

Even if you don’t shop with Miami Lakes Kia, here are a few reasons why you should take your car to the dealership for service:

Service from Specialists

The technicians who work at a dealership are trained specialists in your model vehicle. At Miami Lakes Kia, our technicians are specialists in repairing and maintaining all types of Kia models. That means they will perform the work accurately and more quickly, helping you to get back on the road as soon as possible and reducing the risk of bigger mechanical problems in the future.

Top-Quality Parts

While other mechanics may be able to order the parts needed to repair your vehicle, the technicians at the dealership have more immediate access to the needed parts. They can get the best-quality parts directly from the manufacturer, and they can get them more quickly. By using the best parts for your car, they also help to extend its life.

Service for the Newest Models

Thanks to their specialty training, technicians at car dealerships are able to work on even the newest models. You can bring your car back to the dealership for service a month after you purchase it (though you probably won’t need to). By going to the dealership, you get more consistent and reliable service for your vehicle.

Miami Lakes Kia has one of the best service departments for Kia vehicles in the Miami region. Whether you were a customer of Kendall Kia, you are unhappy with your current service provider or you just need a place to service your car, you should make an appointment with Miami Lakes Kia.

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