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Kia Motors Donates $250,000 to Covenant House

Kia Motors is one automaker that continuously finds ways to get involved with the community and the youth. The Great Unknowns Scholarship is a huge boost for the automaker, offering scholarships to students in the U.S. planning to pursue a college undergraduate degree in one of the following discipline areas: Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math (STEAM). Finally, art is appreciated in the world, not just “STEM”, anymore. Another movement by KMA is known as “Accelerate The Good”, having played a part in multiple donations to communities and organizations that help the homeless and hungry youth. Recently, KMA continued its efforts to make a difference with a $250,000 donation to Covenant House.

Covenant House is the largest, primarily privately-funded charity in the U.S. Focused solely on helping homeless and trafficked youth, Covenant House is a sanctuary for many on the streets today. A quarter million is surely a huge help, making it easier to acquire the resources Covenant House needs to provide for those in need. Kia Motors is also no stranger to Covenant House. Back in 2020, during the Super Bowl (yeah, that still happened), Kia Motors was touting its “Give It Everything” slogan, and for every yard gained during the game, Kia Motors donated $1,000 to three of its charity partners – Covenant House, Positive Tomorrows, and StandUp For Kids. This initiative totaled to $1 million.

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Kia Motors America and the Community in 2020

Connecting with the community and the local youth can sometimes be a challenging aspect for an automaker. How does one connect without also trying to sell a product? The year of 2020 and the pandemic gave many automakers a chance to help their local communities and give back, getting involved and offering free vehicles for transportation of goods. Kia Motors is one of these automakers and is known for getting involved with the youth in the community most recently in the last few years. Always hosting or sponsoring some new function, Kia started the Great Unknown Scholarship in 2019 and started a donation initiative to fight homelessness. Kia is also known for getting involved with entertainment, such as sponsoring the 2019 European League of Legends (LoL) Championship Series and up and coming K-Pop band BLACPINK. As 2020 comes to a close, Kia Motors continues to get involved with the community and connect with a younger generation.

It’s a smart play, anyone in the business world knows this. As the years go by, a new demographic is going to be dominating the automotive market. Generation Y and Gen Z will eventually be the only consumers automakers will have to appeal to, so why not get involved with similar interests? As mentioned, since 2019, Kia has been sponsoring the LoL, and starting next year (2021), Kia has a multi-year naming sponsorship with DAMWON Gaming, the winner of the 2020 LoL World Championship. Playing under the name of DWG Kia going forward, the team will be getting new logos and uniforms along with many numerous marketing campaigns between DWG and the Kia brand for sweet exposure and possibly more sponsors.

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miami-lakes-kia-motors-great-unknowns-scholarship Promo

Kia Motors Supports the Youth during the Super Bowl

miami-lakes-kia-motors-great-unknowns-scholarship Promo

The Super Bowl recently concluded with the New England Patriots taking home the winnings. During this time of year, many product brands and services are able to put together a great commercial that will hopefully burn into the mind of every viewer so that their product and/or service will be remembered for the many months to come. Who still remembers, “WHASSSSUUUUUP?” Say it aloud, and we’re sure someone nearby will respond appropriately. Well, aside from humor, some brands are reaching out a bit more to the youth. One of these automotive brands is Kia Motors.

The Great Unknown

We actually discussed this advertisement by Kia Motors not too long ago, but not at length because it had yet to have its “official” debut. However, like many, Kia unleashed this ad online weeks before the Super Bowl aired. Kia Motors has actually been getting very involved with the youth lately, partnering with South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK, to sponsor their 2019 World Tour, and becoming the official sponsor of the League of Legends European World Championship.

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