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Kia Motors to Produce Micro EVs

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020


Does anyone remember Smart cars? The automotive brand that made two-seaters with just enough cargo space for one person and the necessities. There are some people who still drive them, but they’re very rare. Smart cars are no longer solder in the USA, they just didn’t really fit with the whole four-door five-seater-plus demographic. It’s odd, because as we mentioned last week, how many people drive a crossover or SUV and have more than two people in the vehicle at a time? Kia Motors is shifting its focus to sedans because of that reason, and the automaker may even double down on shrinking the literal size of its lineup with micro electric vehicles (EVs).

Kia Motors is coming back swinging after the pause in production during a global shutdown and stay-at-home order during the Coronavirus pandemic. Although COVID-19 is said to last through the year and come in waves, the economy needs to bounce back sooner or later, and that means industries like the auto industry need to get back to work. Even so, every week, Kia Motors has something new to push the automaker ahead – purpose-built vehicle production, a new 800-volt EV battery system to challenge the Porsche Taycan, a not-so-wallet-friendly option.

In fact, Kia Motors is working to produce ultra-compact electric cars. This seems to be a small niche that few automakers are investing in, with Smart and Citroen (who?) being the major producers at the time. Kia Motors’ Europe Chief Operating Officer, Emilio Herrera, was recently quoted by AutoExpress during an interview about the upcoming lineup and the new micro EVs that will be coming from the automaker. Much of the reasoning behind this new line of vehicles is a response to the Coronavirus outbreak and consumers wanting more private transportation.