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Kia Motors is the Next All-Electric Automaker

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019


Kia Motors sure is aiming to be the world’s leading mass-market electric vehicle producer. Although car manufacturer and brand Tesla has a few years on Kia, the Korean automaker is intent on bringing electric vehicles (EVs) to the public more now than ever. After their Imagine by Kia concept/presentation, it’s clear that going forward, Kia will be shifting towards clean energy vehicles and going green. Their success with their current lineup of plug-in hybrids and EVs are already proof that Kia Motors can be the automaker to do it.

A new, all-electric platform is what Kia promised. It would be the first EV vehicle from the automaker that had no predecessor. Not only this, but Kia Motors is restructuring the brand in a sense that will not only make plug-in hybrids and EVs more desirable but also make them affordable without needing to be a luxury item. It’s a goal that Alper Celik, Senior Product Manager for Kia Motors Europe had a lot to say during the 2019 Geneva Motor Show when interviewed by

“Why are we shifting to electrics? We are doing it for the sake of a green environment and bringing this technology into the mainstream of society, not making it just a niche product. We must electrify the whole society… Kia is doing it in a more accessible way, opening up a big door to mainstream customers. What Kia does with EVs is important for the whole industry.”


Kia Motors is Developing Wireless EV Charging

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018
Miami Lakes Kia EV Charging

Miami Lakes Kia EV Charging

Kia Motors is constantly looking for new ways to incorporate modern technology into its vehicles, and with alternative fuel vehicles on the rise, that means also developing new modern technology to make such vehicles a little more convenient. A few years ago, and still today, alternative fuel vehicles like plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles were a pain to produce, and automakers had to rack up the price to make a profit. As we continue to move forward with technology, alternative fuel vehicles are becoming less costly, and that means automakers like Kia Motors can turn their attention to developing amenities and equipment to make owning and driving alternative fuel vehicles more practical for the average consumer. So let’s talk the bane of every potential plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle driver – recharging.

Problems with Charging Up

We’ve covered the basics of electric vehicle charging before, and we’ve compiled a bit of an extensive list of where to find charging stations in Miami, Florida. We won’t cover them too in-depth here, but we would like to cover the current market for electric charging stations. Although production of charging stations is on the rise, and although automakers are making it easier to charge up by offering home installation of Level II (240V) chargers, and organizations like make finding a local charging station easy, there is still one automaker dominating that industry – Tesla.

Although plummeting in stock due to an inability to meet the production demands of their preorders, Tesla capitalized on the electric vehicle market by becoming an electric-only automaker. However, with Tesla vehicles costing $100,000 plus, when consumers can get the Chevrolet Bolt EV for a fraction of the price and with just as much driving range, and a $7500 federal tax credit, it’s hard to wonder why consumers are going for Tesla. One of the reasons is that, although Tesla is a smaller company, they’re dominating the market for electric vehicle charging as well.

That’s the one thing many automakers have overlooked when it comes to alternative fuel vehicles. Chevrolet, Kia, Mitsubishi, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, and Hyundai (to name a few), all have at least one plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle in their lineup, but many of them are missing charging station notifications. Not only does Tesla make it easy to see where local charging stations are en route, but Tesla is dominating the market because they dedicate a lot of their funding into creating charging stations. This gives them the advantage.

Kia Motors has plans to change that.