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Kia Motors Supports the Youth during the Super Bowl

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019
miami-lakes-kia-motors-great-unknowns-scholarship Promo

miami-lakes-kia-motors-great-unknowns-scholarship Promo

The Super Bowl recently concluded with the New England Patriots taking home the winnings. During this time of year, many product brands and services are able to put together a great commercial that will hopefully burn into the mind of every viewer so that their product and/or service will be remembered for the many months to come. Who still remembers, “WHASSSSUUUUUP?” Say it aloud, and we’re sure someone nearby will respond appropriately. Well, aside from humor, some brands are reaching out a bit more to the youth. One of these automotive brands is Kia Motors.

The Great Unknown

We actually discussed this advertisement by Kia Motors not too long ago, but not at length because it had yet to have its “official” debut. However, like many, Kia unleashed this ad online weeks before the Super Bowl aired. Kia Motors has actually been getting very involved with the youth lately, partnering with South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK, to sponsor their 2019 World Tour, and becoming the official sponsor of the League of Legends European World Championship.