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Kia America Enters Rebelle Rally with 2023 Sportage X-Pro

Rebelle Rally, the first all-women’s off-road rally and the longest competition of its kind in the lower 48 states, is becoming a fun race for automakers to enter vehicles into and show what they’re made of. Building teams with experienced racers and drivers, every year it seems like a new automaker joins the competition. Kia America is one such automaker, entering its first Rebelle Rally in 2020 and returning every year since. With a new model to enter the race, the 2021 team returns to snatch up first place this year.

“Kia’s longest running nameplate has a storied past of off-road desert racing with impressive results to boot in the Paris-Dakar rally and Baja 1000 race…An incredible off-road contender back then, the latest iteration of the Sportage will build upon its legacy by tackling the arduous Rebelle Rally with finesse, especially with such a fierce team at the helm.”- Steve Center, COO and EVP, Kia America

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Kia and Hyundai Secure New Plant for BEV Cell Production

The spotlight has been on the new all-electric vehicle from Kia Corp, the Kia EV6. With a showcase during the Emmy Awards over the weekend and “America’s Got Talent”, there is certainly a lot to look forward to. A first for the automaker, the EV6 is the first all-electric vehicle with no predecessor. With that came not only its own powertrain but also its own platform, the new E-GMP platform built in 2020. Recently receiving the ‘Carbon Measured’ from Carbon Trust, a certification that the EV6 is eco-friendly. With so many vehicles in the lineup, how will Kia factor in the production needed for battery-electric vehicle (BEV) battery cells? Don’t worry, it’s all going to plan – the Plan S Strategy.

In early January 2020, Kia Corp was still Kia Motors, and came out with big cojones. The Plan S Strategy is the business plan Kia Corp will be using to dominate the electric vehicle (EV) market, owning a 6.6-percent global market share of all EVs sold. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but currently, there are more than 200 models available in various parts of the world. Multiply that by one million, and 6.6-percent is suddenly a lot more powerful. If all goes well, this could soon become a reality.

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Kia Corp Receives Many Segment Awards During 2021 J.D. Power IQS

It’s finally that time of year when automotive journalists and publications get together and start to release their reviews, their “best of” lists, and release the results of any studies going on in 2021. There have been quite a few recently, especially putting some spotlight on Kia Corp, and the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS) is not an uncommon name when discussing the South Korean automaker. Kia has appeared time and again with high-ranking vehicles on the IQS, and in 2021, Kia takes home the title of “highest-ranked” in several vehicle segments.

The last two years have been a little rough for the automotive industry. First COVID in 2020, now the global chip shortage in 2021, it’s a surprise that so many made it through. This hardship is reflected in the 2021 J.D. Power IQS, making 2021 35 years of conducting this study. In total, the auto market improved quality by 2-percent in contrast to it’s typical 3-percent increase. Based on the study, infotainment systems and smartphone connectivity have become a problem for several automakers, but as the results will soon show, Kia Corp is rising to the challenge.

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Highlights of the New 2021 Kia Sorento

Although the latest news about the Kia Sorento is surrounding the upcoming 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid, the original internal combustion engine model is starting to get a lot of love. Said to be setting the new benchmark for SUVS everywhere, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for consumers. With all kinds of upgrades and features in every area of an automobile, the Sorento is not the same SUV as last model year. Check out the highlights to see what’s new and what the new Kia Sorento SUV has to offer.


There are five trims offered for the new 2021 Kia Sorento – LX, S, EX, SX, and SX-Prestige. Like models released before it, the Sorento is getting a special trim as a part of its debut. For more off-road capability, the new X-Line trim offers 1.0-in. higher ground clearance, improved approach/departure angles, more advanced AWD with snow-mode, and a more robust roof rack than its predecessors. For consumers looking for this trim, it’s hidden under the SX-Prestige AWD moniker with the X-Line appearance package. In addition to the above features, the total package comes with torque-on-demand AWD with center locking differential and downhill descent control, a ride height of 8.3 inches, unique 20-inch alloy wheels, and exterior features and details exclusive to the X-Line.

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Kia and HMG Partner with New Horizons Studio to Produce Real Life Transformers

Kia Motors has been buzzing about ever since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world and put everyone in a quarantine lockdown for months. Looking into the production of micro electric vehicles, investing in a new 800-volt battery and purpose-built vehicles, introducing the “Hello Kia” smart system, revealing the new 2021 Kia Sonet, in collaboration with SK Innovation for better EV battery services and CODE42.ai for EV mobility and deployment, launching KiaMobility, and doing everything the automaker can to hype up the new Kia K5, Kia has been a really busy automaker this year, and there is no slowing them down. Next on the list is a whole new partnership to introduce a new vehicle segment – Ultimate Mobility Vehicles.

Ultimate Mobility Vehicles, UMVs for short, have spawned from a collaboration between Kia Motors, the Hyundai Motor Group, and New Horizons Studio. Now, work with us here, because the Vice President of New Horizons Studio has also described UMVs as the world’s first transformer-class vehicle. When we say “transformer-class”, we’re not joking. These are vehicles that can transform, like the show, with that jingle – “Transformers, more than meets the eye” – to serve as other machines aside from automobiles. Over in Japan, they have a 60-Foot-Tall Gundam Mech that’s fully functional, able to walk around, kneel, and even make hand-gestures – a transforming car isn’t that far-fetched anymore, and a concept is already in the works for this new vehicle type.

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New Ad Campaign Puts the Spotlight on the Kia K5

We’re all excited about the new Kia K5, the renamed and new generation of the beloved Kia Optima. Getting a much more sports car-inspired look and new features, the Kia K5 is looking like the older sibling of the Kia Stinger after it received a mid-cycle refresh. Recently, Kia Motors showed off this bad boy with death-defying stunts, a live TV event known as the Triple Threat. Now, to push the envelope a little more, Kia Motors America (KMA) launches a creative broadcast campaign in partnership with network shows including NBCUniversal’s America’s Got Talent and the 72nd Emmy® Awards telecast to show off a new ad for the vehicle, “Turning the Lights On”.

“The Kia K5 is like nothing else in the category and we looked for high-profile partners to create a series of events and creative elements that showcase our most powerful midsize sedan ever…The partnerships with America’s Got Talent and the Emmys are a completely new direction for Kia and help bring live elements to a launch that has been decidedly different from the start.” – Russell Wager, director, marketing operations, Kia Motors America

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Autotrader Names Kia Soul as Perfect Car for Dog Lovers

People love dogs, and why wouldn’t they? Man’s best friend, great for hunting and playing fetch, they always know when their owners are feeling down and need their furry friend to cheer them up. That’s why we have a day every year dedicated to dogs, and although it has come and gone (August 26), we can still appreciate them as much as always. Recently, well-known automotive name Autotrader posted a list for the “10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers” and wouldn’t you know that the 2020 Kia Soul was named on the list. This hatchback has always been hip and funky for the youth, and young people are always looking for reasons to travel with their dog, haying to leave them behind. Now, the Kia Soul is the official vehicle to get if looking to take your dog for a ride and get some fresh air.

“The Soul has been a longstanding success because its versatility accommodates many different lifestyles, and this Autotrader accolade reinforces there is a Soul for everyone, including dog owners…Whether you’re riding with your pup around town or packing the whole family up for a weekend road trip, the Soul is perfectly cut out for canines.” – Sean Yoon, President & CEO, Kia Motors America, Kia Motors North America

Just about everyone knows about Autotrader but in case the Coronavirus has you living under a rock, it’s the most recognized third-party car listings brand online. Always collecting and publishing new data on the automotive industry and new and old vehicles, in-market car shoppers can stay informed with Autotrader and get very important insight into the car shopping experience. If Autotrader puts a car on a list, it’s most likely a great choice! The “Best Cars for Dog Lovers” has been going on for seven years now, highlighting vehicles that offer the best features that every dog owner could need, although after-market accessories can always add a little more functionality.

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Kia Motors is Optimistic About Resuming Production

Kia Motors is optimistic, and having a little optimism isn’t bad in these trying times. Although the Coronavirus pandemic is still coming in waves throughout North America and the rest of the world, various automakers are taking the current downswing as a good omen. Various manufacturers are reopening for business to resume production, and a boom in sales is rapidly growing overseas. We’re not completely out of the woods, but many are hoping that we can start returning the world to normal by June or July, and some automakers are expecting sales to return to normal by no later than July 2020 (according to various interviews and reports).

This optimism might be fueled by recent good news about the trusty SUV, the Kia Telluride. The 2020 Kia Telluride and the 2020 Kia Soul EV won awards during the World Car Awards (WCA), with the Kia Telluride winning Car of the Year. Still going strong, the 2020 Kia Telluride was a large success when initially made available in 2019, with sales skyrocketing for Kia Motors. With many consumers out there who have been window shopping for a new vehicle once it’s safe to be out and about, Kia Motors is one automaker to keep tabs on, because there’s talk of a scrapper program.

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2020 Kia Telluride Named on Autotrader Best New Cars of 2020 List


No matter what, Kia Motors keeps gaining awards with the largest SUV to grace its lineup, the 2020 Kia Telluride. Seriously, this baby has won award-after-award. Just last week, we got news of the 2020 Kia Telluride winning the All-Stars Award from leading publication Automobile magazine. Of course, anything after winning the “Triple Crown” of Automotive Awards, earning awards from MotorTrend, Car and Driver, and winning the Utility category in the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year Awards, is just gravy on top of some fine mashed potatoes. Most recently, Autotrader, the most recognized third-party car listings brand with the best need-to-know information when in the market for buying a new car, named the Kia Telluride the “Best New Car of 2020”. This declaration comes just a month after Autorader put the 2020 Kia Telluride on their “Best Interiors Under $50k” List.

Heralded for its powerful yet elegant exterior design, and the premium and tech-filled potential of the interior, the Kia Telluride is a bold SUC that stands out in an already crowded market full of SUVs and crossovers. How did Kia Motors manage this one? Well, it wasn’t easy.

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Highlights of the 2020 Kia Seltos SUV


With many places in South Florida in lockdown until mid-April, it may seem a bit tough to find anything to look forward to. For those that are binge-watching shows, or streaming with commercials, some consumers may have seen another type of commercial playing that doesn’t remind us of how grim things look. Kia Seltos commercials are continuing to play to show off everything this vehicle has to offer and highlights many of its great features. Some of which is its safety, other commercials highlight the all-wheel-drive (AWD) capability of the 2020 Kia Seltos, like the ad below. Think of it as a mental escape.


Seems great, doesn’t it? A Dynamax AWD system with a lock mode can be found as the standard drivetrain setup on most 2020 Kia Seltos trims. The S trim is the only trim to come standard with Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) but consumers can still upgrade to get AWD if they so choose. Now that we know how easy it is to get an All-Wheel Drivetrain, let’s look at the engine options that will be supplying all that torque that makes AWD worth it.

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