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Kia Announces Special Limited Edition Stinger GTS


All this good news coming from Kia Motors has us rolling over with glee. In the span of a single week, not only did the sporty Kia Stinger earn the first-ever “Engineering Award for the Highest Rated All-New Vehicle” from J.D. Power, but a special edition of the Stinger has been released, making its debut in New York with a racy look and dynamic all-wheel drive technology. Enthusiasts rejoice! Sports cars are here to stay with Kia Motors going GT.


Limited Edition Stinger GTS

The new Limited Edition Kia Stinger GTS is one of several special editions released by Kia for the Kia Stinger. In 2018, a year after its release, three special edition Kia Stinger models were introduced to the auto market. Now, nearly two years into its success and the Kia Stinger continues to be a crowd favorite as Kia’s highest performing sport sedan. Not only has the Stinger established itself as a true competitor in the sport sedan segment with strong sales figures, but it has also changed the face of Kia Motors. It turned the automaker into a sports car company, and the technology inside the Kia Stinger GTS shows.

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