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Kia Motors Launched KiaMobility Service

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020


Kia Motors recently shared more about its S Plan Strategy to take over the world with electric vehicles (EVs), and if the current sports cars coming out are any inkling of what this automaker is capable of, we’re not too worried. After all, the new Kia K5 is just boasting a little under 300 horsepower, and Kia has taken every chance to show it off doing some insane stunt. Kia Motors and the Hyundai Motor Group as a whole also started MoceanLab to expand mobility services on a nation-wide scale. That was before the Coronavirus pandemic hit – currently, MoceanLab is being used primarily to serve the community, and the most we have seen from Plan S was a new EV joint venture with for the development of customized EV mobility services. Well now we got something interesting, because the next move from the Plan S Strategy is to do what MoceanLab was supposed to be originally working on and is making mobility available to all with “KiaMobility”.

What is “KiaMobility”? Why, it’s the new mobility service from Kia Motors that offers a whole new way of owning and renting vehicles. Putting the power in the hands of dealerships, Kia Motors is starting a new program that offers consumers the option for mobility when they need it. After the COVID-19 outbreak, going out and driving around became a thing of the past. Unless going to work in an office or school, many people stayed home and ordered take out with DoorDash. Some of us still aren’t driving around much, and those of us out there that recently bought a new vehicle aren’t too happy about keeping it in the garage for months. Transportation has definitely changed and will continue to change in a post-pandemic world.