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Kia Corp Sponsors LoL LEC for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Friday, January 21st, 2022
Miami Lakes Kia League of Legends Championship Europe
Miami Lakes Kia League of Legends Championship Europe

Over the years, Kia Corp has been going through some major changes, to the name, to the logo, and to the lineup. During this time, Kia has also found ways to connect with the youth, a smart choice for any company with a shifting demographic. The majority of consumers making up the auto market today are late Gen X consumers, Gen Y consumers (Millennials), and young Gen Z consumers. Those are the people automaker’s need to talk to, and not too long ago, it was clear some of them don’t know a single thing about Millennials – commonly confused with Gen Z. When it comes to the world of video and computer games, that speaks to gamers of all ages, and becoming the official sponsor of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has put Kia in the spotlight for the last four years.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with the LEC, one of the world’s premier eSports leagues…As the LEC’s longest-running main partner, we look forward to deepening our engagement with global eSports fans in 2022, while introducing innovative experiences based on Kia’s brand belief that ‘movement inspires ideas.’” – Hyojung Jung, Kia’s Head of Marketing Communications Group

2022 makes it the fourth year-in-a-row that the Kia Corporation becomes the main automotive partner during the spring and summer LEC seasons in 2022. Held at the Berlin LEC Studio, the spring season lasts from January to April, where defending champions and top contenders will compete, followed by the summer season in July to September. Players will also get their own Kia Player of the Game segment online as a highlight of their skills.


Kia Motors America and the Community in 2020

Monday, December 28th, 2020


Connecting with the community and the local youth can sometimes be a challenging aspect for an automaker. How does one connect without also trying to sell a product? The year of 2020 and the pandemic gave many automakers a chance to help their local communities and give back, getting involved and offering free vehicles for transportation of goods. Kia Motors is one of these automakers and is known for getting involved with the youth in the community most recently in the last few years. Always hosting or sponsoring some new function, Kia started the Great Unknown Scholarship in 2019 and started a donation initiative to fight homelessness. Kia is also known for getting involved with entertainment, such as sponsoring the 2019 European League of Legends (LoL) Championship Series and up and coming K-Pop band BLACPINK. As 2020 comes to a close, Kia Motors continues to get involved with the community and connect with a younger generation.

It’s a smart play, anyone in the business world knows this. As the years go by, a new demographic is going to be dominating the automotive market. Generation Y and Gen Z will eventually be the only consumers automakers will have to appeal to, so why not get involved with similar interests? As mentioned, since 2019, Kia has been sponsoring the LoL, and starting next year (2021), Kia has a multi-year naming sponsorship with DAMWON Gaming, the winner of the 2020 LoL World Championship. Playing under the name of DWG Kia going forward, the team will be getting new logos and uniforms along with many numerous marketing campaigns between DWG and the Kia brand for sweet exposure and possibly more sponsors.


Kia Motors Connects with Millions of eSports Fans

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019



Yes, we’re back again, talking a little about Kia Motors and their involvement with the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). The LEC needed a sponsor and Kia Motors saw a great opportunity to add another investment in eSports to their portfolio. That’s right, Kia Motors has also played their hand in eSports when they sponsored Counter Logic Gaming’s Rocket League team in the past, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the 2019 Australian Open. For the first time, the League of Legends European Championship Summer Finals 2019 is taking place in Athens, and with Kia Motors Corp sponsoring the event, they took the exposure to connect with millions of eSports fans.


Kia Partners with Amazon to Connect with the Youth

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019


We’ve discussed how Kia Motors is connecting with the younger generation in the past. The automaker used the Super Bowl to advertise their Great Unknowns Scholarship – instead of hiring another celebrity to drive one of their vehicles, they opted for a good cause instead. Recently, Kia Motors became the official sponsor of two very different from popular youth past times. One is their sponsorship of the K-Pop World Tour of BLACPINK. The other is their official sponsorship of the League of Legends European Championship (For Demacia!) Now, they’re connecting to those of us who find shopping online the easiest way to get what we need (or want) quickly. Consumers that drive an electric or plug-in hybrid Kia Motors model can now order a home charger and installation through Amazon (

Yes, recently Kia Motors America (KMA) announced its partnership with Amazon Home Services and their new program for Kia plug-in vehicle consumers. Like the regular service, instead of needing to call up a hotline or customer service and planning out the best time and date, consumers can click on the link above and will find a program with Amazon where technicians can install the electric vehicle charging stations at the customer’s house or office. Kia Motors says buying and installing the home charging station will be as easy as purchasing anything else on Amazon, possibly even through Alexa.


Kia Motors Supports the Youth during the Super Bowl

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019
miami-lakes-kia-motors-great-unknowns-scholarship Promo

miami-lakes-kia-motors-great-unknowns-scholarship Promo

The Super Bowl recently concluded with the New England Patriots taking home the winnings. During this time of year, many product brands and services are able to put together a great commercial that will hopefully burn into the mind of every viewer so that their product and/or service will be remembered for the many months to come. Who still remembers, “WHASSSSUUUUUP?” Say it aloud, and we’re sure someone nearby will respond appropriately. Well, aside from humor, some brands are reaching out a bit more to the youth. One of these automotive brands is Kia Motors.

The Great Unknown

We actually discussed this advertisement by Kia Motors not too long ago, but not at length because it had yet to have its “official” debut. However, like many, Kia unleashed this ad online weeks before the Super Bowl aired. Kia Motors has actually been getting very involved with the youth lately, partnering with South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK, to sponsor their 2019 World Tour, and becoming the official sponsor of the League of Legends European World Championship.


Kia Motors Connecting with a Younger Generation

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019
Miami Lakes Kia Sponsors Blackpink

Kia Motors is sure one major auto brand that talks to the younger generations when it comes to the evolution of the automaker. One of the first vehicles to get the attention of the youth was the Kia Soul hatchback. The next was the new sports car, the Kia Stinger, currently the automaker’s new icon. Just last week, Kia Motors surprised us with its sponsorship of the eSports European Championship for popular PC game, League of Legends. Actually trying to connect with the next generation of consumers instead of designing what they think we want (Chrysler Portal *cough cough), Kia has more plans to get the winning vote of Millennials and Generation Z.

The Great Unknowns Scholarship

With the Super Bowl only weeks away, every major consumer and automotive brand out there will be battling to get those highly sought-after commercial spots. To continue the trend of being for the youth, Kia Motors is putting aside the tried-and-true method of overpaying a well-known celebrity to endorse their brand. This year, it’s about the kids, the future of our country.

Launching what Kia Motors calls the “The Great Unknowns Scholarship,” it’s described as a means to “help young people in need get a foothold in higher education.” It’s not something revolutionary, using an ad seen by the thousands of people watching the Super Bowl is a great way for anyone to get their name out there, for nearly any cause. Last year, Hyundai ran an ad promoting nonprofit group, Hyundai Hope on Wheels, that distributes a small portion of proceeds from every Hyundai vehicle purchased to institutions fighting childhood cancer. Kia Motors, a corporate affiliate of the Hyundai Motor Group, is doing the same this year.


Ever hear of the South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK? Maybe not, but South Korean girl bands and K-Pop groups are really becoming increasingly popular. Ever since Korean star Psy and his popular Gangnam Style music video went viral, people have been looking over east for new music stars. BLACKPINK is one of those musical groups, currently revving up for their 2019 World Tour. Kia Motors has chosen to serve as their sponsor, hence the picture above with the group posing with a Kia Stinger.

The partnership with BLACKPINK is surprisingly the first in a series of collaborations Kia will be announcing with K-Pop superstars this year (2019). As the title sponsor of the group’s World Tour, Kia Motors will hold a series of experiential events throughout the duration of the tour, some of which will give local fans a chance to meet the K-Pop stars. The World Tour runs from January 2019 on a global scale, including seven cities in Asia.

League of Legends European Championship

Kia Motors is also sponsoring a well-known event amongst PC gamers. It’s the European Championship for League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for PC and Mac computers. Connecting with eSports and eSports fans on this level is a large win for the automaker. Video games have created a whole new community of people, and getting their attention will be a win for Kia.

Throughout 2019, Kia Motors will be creating digital content with a six video series media campaign to advertise the championship, as well as their involvement. A short promotional segment titled “Ready to Play” has already gone live. Popular faces from the League of Legends world, Romain Bigeard, Indiana ‘Froskurinn’ Black, Daniel ‘Drakos’ Drakos, Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain, and Andrew ‘Vedius’ Day head out to attend the LEC in the Kia Stinger sports car.

Connecting with the next generation of the auto market should be the focus of all automakers going forward. Kia Motors already has a great start. Check out all the great vehicles Kia Motors has at Miami Lakes Kia.

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Kia Motors Sponsors European League of Legends Championship Series

Monday, January 14th, 2019
Miami Lakes Kia League of Legends Championship Europe

Miami Lakes Kia League of Legends Championship Europe

“For Demacia!”

That’s one catch phrase a PC gamer may be familiar with, especially if one of the games they play is the famous “League of Legends”. There was once a time where no one really saw a future in playing video games, much less cash-grabbing tournaments. Now, from all over the world, people put together teams and compete in League of Legends tournaments, making the game an official eSport. If the concept sounds silly, think again, because even Kia Motors is getting into eSports with a partnership with Riot Games, creator of the League of Legends PC game. The new League of Legends European Championship (LEC) needed a sponsor and Kia saw an opportunity to invest.

It’s a smart move. eSports appeal to millions, if not billions of youthful fans around the world. What better way to grab that market, the Millennials and soon generation Z, that grew up with video games and will be entering the auto market if not already? Then Kia Motors decides to not only garner interest in eSports, but decides to back one of the most popular competitive video gaming events out there, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). That, ladies and gentlemen, is a power move.