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A Review of New Tech from Kia Motors

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
Miami Lakes Automall Kia Motors Technology

Miami Lakes Automall Kia Motors Technology

Kia Motors is an automotive brand that will soon become a household name. Throughout 2018, Kia developed an array of interesting technology for the automotive industry, and it seems 2019 will be no different. Already set to debut at the upcoming 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, Kia Motors will be previewing another collection of technology aimed at serving the generation of drivers in autonomous vehicles. This may be a bit unorthodox, seeing as how the industry of self-driving vehicles is still in its infancy stage, and Kia could be getting ahead of things…but maybe that’s a good thing.

Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving (R.E.A.D.)

The technology popping up at the 2019 CES is for the post-autonomous driving generation. This system, R.E.A.D. is designed to enhance the human mobility experience by optimizing and personalizing the in-car cabin experience. Developed through a joint research alliance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab’s Affective Computing group, the R.E.A.D. System is the first of its kind, capable of changing the vehicle’s cabin space based on evaluations of the driver’s emotional state in real-time via artificial intelligence-based bio-signal recognition technology. This may also share some similar features to the technology seen in early Kia Telluride concepts.