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Kia America Holds Year-End Donation Event with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Kia America started its “Accelerate the Good” initiative back in 2019, and every year, the automaker does a lot of good. Most of this comes in the form of donations, sometimes monetary, like the $500,000 donation to the American Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Ian, and the $600,000 in donations to four Bryan County charities to push the economy a bit and open plenty of jobs for the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) Metaplant. Other times, Kia America will customize and/or donate one of their models to an organization with a great purpose, like the recent donation of a custom 2023 Sportage SUV to Sea Turtle Inc., a non-profit organization based in South Padre Island, Texas that is all about saving sea turtles. To round it all out, possibly the last donation of the year is $1,000,000 between November 11 – December 31, 2022 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The high goal is just the minimum Kia America expects to donate. Dependent on sales, a donation is made by Kia for each new Kia vehicle sold and delivered in the U.S during window for donations. Regardless, this wouldn’t be the first time Kia has made such a large donation, or to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This will be the third donation to the hospital by Kia, having donated to St. Jude as part of the 10 millionth Kia vehicle sold in the U.S earlier this year (2022). This new act is to push the initiative further and give consumers a little incentive who would like to help make an impact in a small way.

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Comparing the Kia Telluride X-Pro and Kia Carnival

Kia Corp is coming out with a lot of new vehicles as of late. Going all-electric, the automaker’s lineup is going to be electrified within the next few years, with at least two new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) every year between now and 2027. During the Kia CEO Investor Day in March 2022, the automaker shared its business strategy for the rest of the decade, with an addition of 14 BEV models planned. The Kia EV6 is the first of many, and although the automaker has dedicated itself to BEVs going forward, there the lineup still consists of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles like the Kia Telluride SUV and the luxury entry Kia Carnival MPV. With the release of the X-Pro trim for the Telluride, consumers are having trouble deciding between capability and luxury when it comes to choosing one of these two strong Kia entries.

Engine Types

Power on both models is pretty similar in terms of horsepower. The 2022 Kia Carnival has a 290 horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine under the hood, whereas the 2023 Kia Telluride comes equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 engine able to deliver 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. Only the Telluride offers all-wheel drive as an option, for that sense of adventure when driving on different terrain and road conditions, and a max towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

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Four Kia Models Win 2022 Strategic Vision TQI Awards

As the year comes closer to the end of 2022, we expect to see all kinds of cars winning awards and landing on “Best of” lists from automotive publications and organizations all across the industry. There may even be some rarely heard of, like the Strategic Vision’s 2022 Total Quality Awards. Unless on the board for a company, most people won’t be working with an international consulting and advisory service organization such as Strategic Vision, but the head honchos of many automakers rely on it to learn how consumers respond to their products. With nearly 30 segment categories represented, four Kia models won their respective segments this year.

Strategic Vision has become an asset to many companies due to their understanding of consumer data, able to their predicting advocacy, conquest, and loyalty to a brand. This is all according to a collection of consumers’ personal values and decision-making structures, and Strategic Vision’s 28th annual Total Quality Impact (TQI) report is a great example of this. An analysis that goes beyond the quality of a vehicle but also how the consumer evaluates its quality based on emotional attachment, the NVES was conducting by surveying over 112,078 new vehicle buyers after the first 90 days of ownership. Much like the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, surveys give a good look at a sample of the consumer population, and in the case of the NVES, consumers seem to perceive the quality of their vehicles as higher when the “right things work right” – who doesn’t love it when a product works the way it should? Kia Corp received a lot of praise for this.

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Kia Collaborates with Electrify America for Free Recharging of Niro EV

Kia Corp is well on its way to becoming an all-electric automaker. Electrifying some golden oldies like Kia Sorento and Sportage into plug-in hybrid SUVs, the automaker released the first hybrid crossover, the Kia Niro, and then a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and electric vehicle (EV) variant. Soon after, the all-electric Kia EV6 came out, the first EV without a gasoline predecessor. With the EV9 underway, Kia America is continuing to give drivers of new EVs another reason to go electric with free charging incentives with Electrify America.

Back in February, Kia America and Electrify America teamed up for a new EV6 incentive. For consumers who purchase a new Kia EV6, they get to enjoy 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh), free of charge, at any Electrify America station across the U.S. 1,000 kWh may be hard to understand in terms of range and power, so let’s break that down. The EV6 has an EPA-rated 310-mile range. According to Kelley Blue Book, the average consumer drives about 40 miles a day. With Electrify America offering about 3,500 to 4,000 miles of all-electric driving for free, that’s nearly four months of free electric charging for new Kia EV6 owners. Plus, eligible for the $7500 federal tax credit, anyone who buys a new EV6 this year gets a nice tax write-off when filing taxes next year (2023).

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Kia America Enters Rebelle Rally with 2023 Sportage X-Pro

Rebelle Rally, the first all-women’s off-road rally and the longest competition of its kind in the lower 48 states, is becoming a fun race for automakers to enter vehicles into and show what they’re made of. Building teams with experienced racers and drivers, every year it seems like a new automaker joins the competition. Kia America is one such automaker, entering its first Rebelle Rally in 2020 and returning every year since. With a new model to enter the race, the 2021 team returns to snatch up first place this year.

“Kia’s longest running nameplate has a storied past of off-road desert racing with impressive results to boot in the Paris-Dakar rally and Baja 1000 race…An incredible off-road contender back then, the latest iteration of the Sportage will build upon its legacy by tackling the arduous Rebelle Rally with finesse, especially with such a fierce team at the helm.”- Steve Center, COO and EVP, Kia America

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Kia Enters Into Partnership with Deutsche Bahn for EV Battery Recycling

Electric vehicles (EVs) and battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) are growing in the auto market, and that’s a great thing for the environment. Zero-emissions, less fossil fuels, and a more sustainable fuel source. There is the other side of the coin however – how does the impact the environment? Mining for the materials and resources to make EV batteries, and then what happens to those batteries once depleted? Do they end up in a landfill somewhere? Kia Corp and the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) are working towards new forms of battery management service and battery reuse and recycling with new partner Deutsche Bahn (DB Bahnbau Gruppe).

This isn’t the first time the automotive group has entered into a collaboration to change how battery supply and their lifetime can affect the environment. In 2020, HMG partnered with SK Innovation Co. to find ways to maximize the value of EV batteries, even when they are no longer suitable for EVs and BEVs, but still make them eco-friendly to continue to reduce carbon emissions. Not only can increasing their value make them a stronger asset for the future of mobile solutions in the auto industry and public and private transportation, but it will give EV batteries a more positive “image”. Using the Kia Niro EV batter pack as a starting point, solutions for how used EV batteries could still be used in a variety of applications, including new forms of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that are reusable and portable. The partnership with Deutsche Bahn aims to do something similar on a larger scale.

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HMG Presents Smart City Concept

During the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) shared the future vision for its three automotive brands – Hyundai, Kia Corp, and Genesis. Much of this surrounded an ecosystem of mobility, with personal and public modes of transportation, purpose-built vehicles (PBVs), and even personal urban aircrafts with their advanced air mobility (AAM) division, Supernal. Now, HMG presents a new vision for the world. At the 2022 World Cities Summit in Singapore, the automotive group presented the HMG Smart City master model, a design concept for smart cities where humans work in harmony with technology and nature.

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Kia and HMG Announce New Joint Venture for Lunar Exploration

For the past few years, the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG, parent group of Kia Corp) has been working on new forms of mobility and robotics. The most recent advancement is the eVOTL Aircraft, a personal aircraft designed to shuttle passengers between their origin point and their destination via flight. Designed between HMG and Uber, this concept was first unveiled to us during the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and was finally introduced to us during the Farnborough International Airshow. Just the beginning of a futuristic outlook, just this year, during the 2022 CES, HMG and Kia shared concepts for an ecosystem of mobility with personal mobile pods, purpose-built vehicles (PBVs), and of course this aircraft. Alongside these promises were steps forward into robotics for personal companionship, performing work functions without the need of human workers on-site (say, working with high-voltage machinery), and even making use of the budding Metaverse. With that in mind, HMG and Kia are taking one metaverse concept and turning it into a reality – Lunar Surface Exploration.

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Kia Earns Highest Ranking Three Times During 2022 J.D. Power APEAL Study

Every year, organizations and groups perform reviews and conduct studies in various industries to find some of the best consumer products out on the market. One industry in particular is the automotive industry, releasing tons of new cars every year from a multitude of automakers and automotive groups. It’s not easy to comb through all of those options, but that’s why there are helpful names like Kelley Blue Book (KBB) and Edmunds. For huge studies that span months, we’re looking at J.D. Power & Associates and the studies they conduct every year. The latest report comes from the 2022 J.D. Power Automotive Performance Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study™, with Kia Corp ranking 5th highest ranking brand overall with three models taking home the highest ranking for their segment.

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Kia America Attends 2022 Electrify Expo

The 2022 Electrify Expo is in full-swing, and this year is going to be something special. Over 120 different brands will be attending the expo to push the limits of electrification and discuss the challenges, insights, research, and trends in electrified mobility. With a focus on mobility for all, an all-electric future is coming soon, and companies like Kia America will be joining cutting-edge mobility companies at the Electrify Expo to tackle the future of electrified vehicles. Plus, of course, the all-new Kia EV6 will be on display for attendees of the Expo to experience first-hand. That’s always a plus – remember the Kia EV6 test drive during the 2022 Chicago Auto Show?

So, a little more about the Electrify Expo. North America’s largest electric vehicle festival, over 1 million square feet are dedicated to the event in several locations. Having already launched the first series of the Expo in Long Beach, California in early June, 2022, four more locations are on the agenda. Next up, the Electrify Expo will take a stand in Seattle, Washington this month (July 2022), then heading over to New York, NY in late August (27-28, 2022), down south in our own Miami, Florida from October 8-9, 2022, and finally heading to Austin, Texas from November 11-13, 2022. All attendees are in for a great show, able to experience all kinds of electric mobility coming to the market in the near future.

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