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Kia Motors Donates Niro EV to MIT


Earlier this year (2020), Kia Motors launched a new business strategy called “Plan S”. This Plan S was supposed to help provide the outline of how Kia Motors will go on to become the next all-electric automaker. Announced in 2019, the automaker already has some EV concepts in the making, and recently revealed some new plans to help make electric vehicles more popular. Today, consumers are still holding on to their gasoline engine vehicles, wary about needing to find charging stations, but several automakers are working to make them more widespread on a global level. Kia Motors is also pushing the envelope with the recent donation by Kia Motors America of a 2020 Niro EV to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in an effort to raise awareness and increase adoption of alternative fuel and electric vehicles.

“Donating a Niro EV to MIT, one of the most revered institutions of higher learning in the country will raise the profile of alternative-use vehicles and draw attention to the important role these vehicles will play in the future of mobility…Kia is committed to a sustainable future and has invested $12 billion to develop autonomous and green technologies.” – Russell Wager, director, marketing operations, Kia Motors America

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