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Kia Optima Hybrid, Soul EV and Niro: 3 Fuel Efficient Kias

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Miami Lakes 2015 Kia Soul EVEarlier this year, Kia decided to spearhead the competition from other auto manufacturers by releasing several eco-friendly cars. With more companies thinking “green,” the variety of eco-friendly cars on the roads today is pretty diverse, however Kia offers a lot of diversity in its collection of eco-friendly vehicles. Today, we’re taking a look at three of Kia’s eco cars: the 2016 Kia Soul EV, the 2017 Kia Niro, and the 2016 Kia Optima Hybrid.

Let’s first talk about the Kia Optima Hybrid. The fuel economy is definitely the shining characteristic of this car, sitting at 36/40 city/highway MPG. Described as a car that mixes style and eco-dynamics, if its classy exterior is anything to go by, color us impressed. The Kia Optima Hybrid has the signature “Tiger Nose” look, designed with aerodynamics in mind; given that its side airflow vent allows for air to pass freely through the front bumper and reduces drag, it certainly accomplishes that goal.

2015 Kia Soul EV: Why It Matters

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

kia soul blackOriginally designed in 2008 as a concept car to address the notion that Kia was environmentally unfriendly, the Soul has become one of Kia’s top selling vehicles in the last five years.  Maybe it’s because of the adorably hip b-boying hamster commercials or because it’s the first Korean electric vehicle sold in the U.S., but the 2015 Kia Soul EV is leaving a big impression in our hearts at the Kia Dealer in Miami but a small imprint on the Earth.


2015 Kia Soul EV vs. 2015 Nissan Leaf

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Are you in the market for an electric vehicle? Do you have your eyes on a few models, but unsure of which one is best for you? If you find yourself in this position, the 2015 Kia Soul EV and 2015 Nissan Leaf are well worth considering.

Both of these vehicles are at the top of the electric vehicle class, but for the sake of this article we are going to examine the finer details of the 2015 Kia Soul EV. We are going to take a strong look at why this model is poised to take over the market in the years to come.


Kia Bringing Soul EV to Five New States

Friday, April 10th, 2015
Kia-Soul-EV-Kia Dealers in Miami

Kia-Soul-EV-Kia Dealers in Miami

When you visit a Kia dealer in your area, you may have a clear understanding of what you are looking for. Or maybe you have no clue which vehicle is right for you.

Regardless of your position, you never know when you will change your mind. You never know when you will come across a vehicle that piques your interest.

The Kia Soul EV is one such vehicle. You may have had no interest in an electric vehicle until you laid eyes on this beauty. At that point, everything changed.