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Kia Motors EcoDynamics

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018
Miami Lakes Automall Kia Sportage Mild-Hybrid

Miami Lakes Automall Kia Sportage Mild-Hybrid

Last week, we took a little dive into the new diesel 48v mild-hybrid powertrain system by Kia Motors. Like how the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group made the eTorque system, the new mild-hybrid by Kia Motors can provide hybrid functionalities while not completely crossing over into the hybrid setup. Known as the EcoDynamics+ diesel mild-hybrid system, the new powertrain has a main focus on emissions control and fuel efficiency. The secondary focus is on the practicality of the new mild-hybrid powertrain that, just like any other hybrid, can fit seamlessly into a consumer’s life, without needing to plug-in or worry about recharging.

EcoDynamics Diesel Mild-Hybrid Powertrain

A little recap – the new 48V mild-hybrid powertrain is the first new technology to be launched as part of Kia Motors’ powertrain electrification strategy. In an effort to launch 16 advanced powertrain vehicles by 2025, Kia Motors intends to offer cleaner diesel engines. The EcoDynamics+ diesel mild-hybrid powertrain (referred to as EcoDynamics+ for short from here throughout) will enable Kia Motors to do just that. To begin the new roll-out of diesel mild-hybrid technology into possibly the entire fleet of Kia Motors vehicles, the 2018 Kia Sportage will receive the option to opt-in for the EcoDynamics+ powertrain in late 2018.

There are two modes that the EcoDynamics+ powertrain can make use of, known as “motor” and “generator”. These two modes rely on Kia’s mild-hybrid technology, made up of a compact 0.46 kWh 48-volt lithium-ion battery and a new Mild-Hybrid Starter-Generator (MHSG). In “motor” mode, engine load and emissions are reduced, and up to 10kW of electric power assistance are added to the powertrain via the MHSG during acceleration. In “generator” mode, kinetic energy is harvested from the vehicle via regenerative braking – the process of recycling the energy used to bring the car to a stop as power to recharge the battery.