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New Customization App Coming to EV Kia Models


The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show took place back in January, and although it’s mostly focused on consumer appliances and technology, that didn’t stop some automakers from popping up. That includes Kia Motors and their autonomous technology at 2019 CES. One of the technologies they debuted was an automated valet system controlled by the user’s smartphone. Recently, the automaker took a step towards connecting electric vehicles and smartphones through a new app currently in production.

In late April 2019, the Hyundai Motor Group, consisting of Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis, revealed that a new smartphone app will be coming to fully electric cars to offer consumers the potential to customize and personalize their vehicle on a level that’s not entirely possible with standard gasoline models. There are already apps available for these vehicles for checking out the battery life, charge, adjusting levels of brake regeneration, and switching between different drive modes. This app does much more, and consumers won’t have to worry about voiding a warranty for making these modifications, another blunder gasoline models tend to run into.

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