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2020 Kia Telluride Named on Autotrader’s Best Interiors Under $50k List

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020


Does the name “Autotrader” ring any bells? It should, with the current Vikings commercials airing. Two Vikings are comparing a price they paid for a sled, and then another appears in a truck or SUV and announces that they “should’ve gone with Autotrader”, as well as a nod to Kelley Blue Book. Having been in the business of the automotive industry for more than 20 years, Autotrader is like many organizations that provide consumers with trustworthy information and reviews about vehicles to buy and/or sell. Like other review sites, Autotrader also puts together “Best of” lists for consumers looking for something specific, like a really nice interior. Recently, Autotrader put together the best interiors for consumers that have a little extra money to spend, because the 2020 Kia Telluride won a 2020 Autotrader 10 Best Car Interiors Under $50,000 award.