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The Kia Motors EV6 is in Demand

Friday, May 7th, 2021


Earlier this year, Kia Motors unveiled something extraordinary. It was the all-electric Kia EV6. This is a first for the automaker, having always released plug-in hybrid and electric versions of vehicles after an internal combustion engine was the precursor. One exception is the Kia Niro, released in 2017, and the first hybrid compact SUV of its kind; a plug-in hybrid and eventually an electric vehicle followed. The EV6, however, has no precursor, and is starting off as an all-electric vehicle, also referred to as a battery-electric vehicle (BEV). Popularity for the Kia BEV is already rising overseas, with over 7,000 units ordered in Europe alone.

” Kia has opened factory orders for the ground breaking EV6 following a successful European reservation phase. The brand obtained 33,000 prospects, including 7,300 reservations. On top of that, more than 26,000 customers showed interest in Kia’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle. Thanks to this remarkable performance, Kia already secures 300% of the expected sales volume for 2021. Customers will be able to order the EV6 from their local dealer from today, ahead of production starting mid-2021.” – Kia Motors


Kia Motors Developing Solar Panel Car Roof

Monday, November 5th, 2018

Miami Lakes Automall Kia Motors Solar Panel Roof Hood

Kia Motors is starting to revolutionize the auto industry. When the automaker released the 2018 Kia Stinger, it was the beginning of a new path for Kia and a wake up call to the auto market. Sports cars are still alive and well in this SUV and crossover-saturated market, but there’s still room for innovation. Back in 2017, the Hyundai Motor Group discussed hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and how Kia Motors will get their own. A part of the automotive group, many thought Kia Motors would follow Hyundai and place focus on a performance line after the success of the Stinger, but Kia Motors has placed their focus on a GT line instead and debuted this with their Kia Forte GT at SEMA 2018. Kia Motors is also known for innovative technology though, and isolated sound zone technology isn’t all – the next move for the Hyundai Motor Group is solar panel-equipped vehicles.

Solar panels on cars? When we think about it, this was a long time coming. We have hybrids, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and all-electric vehicles (EVs). With the need to charge the latter, consumers are constantly wary about needing to find a place to plug-in if driving an EV or getting the most mileage out of their PHEV. Although electric charging stations are popping up all around Miami, Florida and the rest of the nation, and apps like PlugShare exist, consumers still worry. Well, wouldn’t solar panels on the roof of a vehicle help with that?