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During the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, Kia Motors made a large appearance by showing off many of their new vehicles. This included the new 2020 Kia Soul , 2020 Kia Soul EV , and the upcoming new Kia Niro EV , the electric vehicle version of the popular and successful Kia Niro, the world’s first hybrid crossover. We’ve received a lot of great news about the Kia Niro EV so far. The Kia Niro EV has great fuel efficiency , or should we say driving range, since it is an electric vehicle. Kia Motors is becoming increasingly popular for its far-driving alternative fuel vehicles, but the automaker has been heralded a lot for its safety, with many Kia Motors vehicles named by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety , and the Kia Drive Wise Package that will help keep drivers everywhere safe. Now, the Kia Niro EV will be joining the pack with several advanced safety features standard.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Oh, the long and empty highways are made for this, and the drivers behind the wheel must love it. “Adaptive Cruise Control” is also sometimes known as “Smart Cruise Control”. The concept behind the technology and its operation are simple. In the world of self-driving and autonomous cars, semi-autonomy is right around the corner. Right now, vehicles have achieved level 3 autonomy, with adaptive cruise control being one of those systems. Here’s how it works – (1) just like the normal cruise control, the driver sets the speed, (2) the vehicle maintains that speed, and (3) unlike the norm, if the driver’s vehicle starts to approach another vehicle quickly, the vehicle will slow down to a more appropriate speed, and then (4) speed back up accordingly.

Forward Collision Warning/Auto-braking

This advanced and automatic safety feature goes great with adaptive cruise control. Although we don’t yet live in a world of self-driving vehicles, drivers behind the wheel of a vehicle with level 3 autonomy seem to think so. Making use of sensors or cameras to monitor the distance between a vehicle and traffic or other obstructions in its path, a vehicle with forward collision warning will alert the driver if the vehicle is closing in at a potentially hazardous rate of speed. In addition, more advanced systems will attempt to stop the car by applying pressure to the brakes if the driver doesn’t intervene. Like we said, helpful with adaptive cruise control in case the vehicle ahead hasn’t just slowed down but came to a complete stop.

Blind Spot Warning

This feature has been around for a while, and yet not every vehicle out there has it. Blind spot warning systems will alert the driver if another car is driving or approaching their blind spot. Typically, a warning light will appear in the side-view mirror or in the driver instrument panel. With such a common occurrence, having an audible alert or chime would be a real annoyance for drivers. It’s helpful if needing to merge or change lanes quickly.

Lane Keeping Assist

This advanced safety feature also works well in conjunction with another on the list, this time Blind Spot Warning. More so designed to reinforce positive driving behaviors, Lane Keeping Assist is designed to help keep a vehicle centered, especially when on the highway, to prevent the vehicle from running off the road or causing an auto incident. So, for drivers with blind spot warning, they’ll have two technologies keeping them from making a huge mistake.

Kia Motors produces some safe vehicles, and with great advanced safety features like these coming standard, the Kia Niro EV will be another safe vehicle for drivers on the road. Want to check out other safe Kia vehicles , or the Kia Niro ? Check out Miami Lakes Automall today.

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