New Kia Seltos Teaser

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Kia Seltos Teaser

Ever since the new Kia Seltos has been revealed , Kia Motors has been releasing more and more teases of the vehicle. In some ways, it feels a little redundant after the Kia Seltos was spotted in all its naked glory back in May 2019. Said to have a global release, this new compact SUV from Kia Motors should show up in the states, but so far a lot of the focus for the new Seltos comes from Kia Motors India where it’s making the most noise at the moment. As the world debut for the SUV draws closer, the Korean automaker releases one more sneak peek.


Sketches and Spy Shots

At first, there wasn’t a whole lot to go on when it came to the new Seltos concept. Kia Motors released a piece of sketch art like the one seen above. Compact and technologically advanced, the initial sketches provided us with an SUV that had a modern and urban look, like the Kia Soul, while also standing out with sharp lines and a strong stance. There was also a little upscale feel with LED headlights that draw one’s attention to the new “tiger nose” grille design that’s been popping up. The new dashboard with a 10.25-inch touchscreen display was also a nice touch with the 3D render (below). As it would seem, the sketches were more than concepts, because spy shots of the new Seltos looked like a real-life replica of what was promised on paper.

Teaser Videos

Even though the Seltos was spotted on the road, Kia Motors is still having fun with its teaser campaign. The first came in the form of a flashy video that showed off some of the highlight exterior features of the new compact SUV. Cue a close-up of the LED lights in the front and rear, the new grille and spoiler, and a quick look at the front fascia to bring it to a close.

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The spinning die and the tagline “You never know what comes next” with that music is enough to get the blood pumping a bit, if not raise intrigue. Just this week, on June 14, Kia Motors India published another video to their YouTube channel. The video shows us some of the footage seen earlier in the above video but has a few extra shots along with someone working on etching out the emblem. It all comes to a close with a bunch of grey confetti being blow across the SUV, like blowing the dust off a newly finished project.

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The good news is, we won’t have to wait much longer. According to Kia Motors India, the new Kia Seltos will finally be officially revealed on June 20, 2019. Even with these exposing teasers, nothing will do a new vehicle justice like an official debut. The Kia Seltos is shaping up to be a very sleek-looking SUV and a worthy addition to the ever-expanding Kia Motors lineup.

You can be sure we’ll have a follow up with the reveal once all the details are out. Follow along on Miami Lakes Kia social media to learn more about the new Kia Seltos.

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