New 2018 Stinger Salons Opening Around the Country

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Miami Lakes Automall Kia Stinger Salon

Have you heard of the new 2018 Stinger Salon? It’s a new marketing effort by Kia to familiarize customers with the new Kia Stinger. There are several Stinger Salon’s opening up in various locations in America, including one at Aventura Mall in our backyard of Aventura, Florida. Defined as “galleries”, each Stinger Salon will have the Stinger on display, offering an inviting space to learn more about the vehicle.

Enter Eview 360.

Eview 360 is an international, award-winning design agency that has been creating memorable brand experiences for global clients since 1999. Drawing an intersection between design and technology, Eview 360 manages to create award-winning experiences online and in the physical environment. Specializing in brand development, digital and mobile technologies, auto shows, retail, and special-event design, this agency seems like the perfect choice.

In August 2017, Kia Motors reached out to the Detroit-based Eview 360 for help in creating the special Stinger salons. In fact, Kia basically handed the project over to Eview, giving them the responsibility of handpicking and negotiating site locations, as well as designing, implementing, and manufacturing every inch of these strategically placed salons. Within four months, Eview designed an entire prototype space in virtual reality to get the ball rolling. In addition, to really dig in, the design team also sent its virtual-reality headgear equipment directly to Kia’s headquarters in Irvine, California, allowing the Kia team to “virtually” immerse itself into the prototype for the salon’s environment.

Such a move allowed Kia decision makers to test and alter the virtual reality Stinger salon in real time before they were built. Some of these choices may have included some of the new platforms made available in the salons. For instance, each salon is equipped with Eview’s DigitalB Retail Analytics Platform, allowing Kia’s marketing team to capture and analyze each consumer’s journey through the salon, while directly and accurately measuring key performance indicators set for the experience. Moreover, cameras and sensors have been installed throughout each salon to measure the amount of foot traffic that passes by or enters the salons and analyzes the locations visitors occupy within the space of the salon to accurately hone in on decision-making moments.

This kind of design allows Kia Motors and Eview 360 the ability to continuously improve the Stinger Salon experience based on data results and analysis. With that in mind, these Stinger Salons may be intuitive retail spaces that Eview 360 can morph and mutate based on what works and what doesn’t. A good example would be the implementation of a Stinger GT VR video game developed by Eview’s programming team to connect to the younger generation of consumers. The game allows players to choose their Stinger’s color and race it on an Xbox located in the salon. Then, to connect those same visitors to the Kia Motors brand, their top speed, 0-60 mph time, and horsepower rating are captured and e-mailed back to them, giving them the ability to post their stats on social media and further spread awareness for the Stinger GT.

“Kia’s Stinger experience is about minimalism, simplicity and purity of form … We built these attributes in a salon environment to offer curious customers a space to roam, gain insight and take away fresh perspectives on what the Kia brand has to offer with the Stinger GT … This blending of interactive components with elements that have an emotional appeal allows visitors – old and new to Kia – to touch the brand and the vehicle in an inviting, interactive environment.” – Melissa Centra, Eview 360 CEO.

* But why head over to Aventura Mall to see what the Kia Stinger is like in person? Come to Miami Lakes Automall to test drive a Kia Stinger for yourself. Touch, feel, and see a variety of colors and options. Not only will you have the opportunity to touch and feel, you can also get behind the wheel. If you fall in love and you want to take it home, we can help you do that as well. *

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