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Buying a newer Kia is a big decision because for most of us, it represents a huge investment. As such, finding the right vehicle is only part of the decision. After selecting your new Kia, you’ll have the option to lease or finance it. By weighing your needs, you can determine which is the better fit.


First, it’s imperative that you determine the purposes of your new vehicle. Will this be your family’s vehicle for the next 10 years? Will you use it for business purposes? By determining your needs, it can help you decide the best course of action.

For example, leases have mileage restrictions on them. If you plan on taking road trips often, you may have to opt for a higher mileage lease that way you won’t incur steep fees upon turn in. Conversely, if you plan on using this vehicle to accommodate your growing family, financing would be the better fit because you will have durable vehicle you won’t have to make payments on after the first five or six years.


If money is tight, but you want to drive a newer vehicle leasing is an excellent choice. When you lease a Kia, you won’t have to put as much money down and your monthly payments will be lower, provided you qualify.

Meanwhile, if you do have so money saved and don’t mind a slightly larger monthly payment, financing might be the best fit. One of the best benefits to financing is once you pay off the loan, you’re done with payments whereas if you continue to lease a vehicle, you’ll always have a monthly payment.

Costs of Ownership

Your vehicle’s cost of ownership for this example entails not only its payments, but the services and repairs you may have to make as well. If you don’t want the hassle of large repairs possibly looming down the road, leasing represents an excellent choice. With leasing, your vehicle will be under the manufacturer’s warranty while you have it, which means you won’t incur many out of pocket expenses.

However, even with financing, Kia offers one of the best warranties available. This means that while you may have to cover small repairs, Kia will cover the larger components until the warranty runs out. Even then you can opt for an extended warranty, which takes the place of Kia’s limited powertrain warranty.

Overall, your needs will determine which is the best option for you. If you need help, be certain to visit us. We are proud to be the Kia dealership of choice for many Miami residents due to our outstanding service.

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