Kia’s Three Best Super Bowl Ads

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Kia’s certainly made some strides when it’s come to advertising in the past five or so years. Their ‘Hamster Rap’ campaign consistently went viral, and their commercials featuring NBA star Blake Griffin have also been well received.

The brand has taken much bigger steps in recent years, producing Super Bowl commercials that often feature popular Hollywood stars. The cost of a 30-second ad in recent years has cost around $4 million, so this is certainly not an inexpensive investment. Luckily, the brand’s payoff has proven to be a success, as these Super Bowls have often been featured among the year’s best.

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Matrix Crossover


The 2014 Super Bowl commercial featured actor Laurence Fishburne reprising his role of Morpheus from the iconic Matrix series. The character is serving as a valet, and he tells the company that he can help change their opinion of luxury cars. With a tiny head nod towards the movie series, Morpheus presents the duo with the “blue keys,” which access their current vehicle, or the “red keys,” which gives them access to a vehicle that will make them “never look at luxury the same way again.”

The couple predictably chooses the red keys, and we later see them driving the Kia K900. The couple appreciates the luxury and design of the interior, and Morpheus suddenly returns one more time to remind them off all the amenities. The commercial ends with the character singing a classic ballad as cars blow up around the Kia.

“The Perfect Getaway”


For their 2016 Sorento, Kia unveiled a new Super Bowl ad featuring Pierce Brosnan. The actor, who portrays himself, is meeting with his agent to discuss a new movie. While the actor imagines plenty of explosions and action, his agent has other thoughts.

Instead, the agent imagines Brosnan riding through the snowy mountains in the rugged Kia, and as the description of the movie continues, Brosnan gets more receptive to the idea. Of course, his willingness may have been due to the cabin and the beautiful girl featured at the end of this imaginary movie.

“Wheels on the Bus…”

It can be tough to describe to your child where a baby comes from, so the dad featured in this 2013 Super Bowl commercial gets a bit creative. He says babies actually originate from a planet called “Babylandia.” Thanks to a space ship, these babies head off to Earth to be with their future parents… nine and a half months after launch, of course.

The child hears this tale, looks over at his baby sibling, and begins to tell his parents what he heard from one of my buddies. With the assistance of voice-recognition technology, the father immediately asks his vehicle to play “Wheels on the Bus,” which distracts the young question-maker.

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This year, Kia’s commercial featured Christopher Walken. It certainly rivals these other entertaining commercials, and I’d expect to see similar production quality in the upcoming years.

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