Kia Motors Wins Vincentric 2021 Best Fleet Value in America Awards

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We’re only a few months into 2021, and Kia Motors continues to impress with new models like the electric Kia EV6 and Kia Carnival MPV , interesting technology, and more awards and accolades to add to the trophy cabinet. The latest honors comes from Vincentric for its Best Fleet Value in America Awards. Known as a mass-market brand, Kia Motors is surely at the top of “fleet” vehicles, constantly topping the charts for the J.D. Power Initial Quality Studies, and Kia Motors intends to extend that quality to the luxury class with the luxury sports sedan Kia K8 . This time, the spotlight is on ownership value over the cost of a vehicle’s lifetime.

Vincentric is one of the many names in the automotive world known for working with data and analyzing that data to find the best vehicles on the market today. It takes data, knowledge, and insight into the automotive industry, and Vincentric is a key player that groups like AAA, JD Power, and even Stellantis read up on when looking for information for consumers and automotive insight on what they can provide. The Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America awards are held to recognize vehicles and trims which have the lowest total cost of ownership over its lifetime.

To deduct which vehicles have the best cost of ownership, each vehicle and/or trim is measured against a number of lifecycle cost scenarios. These scenarios are all designed to measure eight different cost factors: depreciation, fees and taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost, and repairs. This is a similar list for used vehicle value, including purchase price and retained value. Kia Motors also landed on that list, with the Kia Rio ranked as the Best CPO Value in America Award by VIncentric . Winners for the Best Fleet Value in America Awards were selected based on which vehicles had the lowest fleet lifecycle cost in the most scenarios for its segment.

Kia Motors made the list, with two vehicles in particular winning their respective categories. The Kia Forte , namely the Forte GT-Line, won the compact car segment. This marks the third consecutive year for the Forte. The Kia Soul won the compact hatchback segment, and the Kia Sedona won over the minivan segment. Now that’s a surprise, considering its competition by Chrysler. The Kia Forte and Kia Soul also landed on the U.S. News Cars for Teen Lists , in case any parents out there have a special someone graduating in this crazy, crazy world, and going off to college. Trust me, it sounds like a good idea to keep the car at home and let your kid bum rides from friends, but everyone has a busy schedule, and the freshmen fifteen can easily turn into 20 or 30 when the grocery store is a bus ride away versus a few taps on the phone for DoorDash.

“Kia will always be driven to offer the best value to all of our customers…For the experts at Vincentric to support that claim demonstrates our ability to deliver quality, design, and performance at an unbeatable price. This combination is key in the fleet vehicle space that Vincentric serves.” – Sean Yoon, president & CEO, Kia Motors North America, Kia Motors America

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