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Miami Lakes Kia Motors Rio Awards

Kia Motors has been doing exceptionally well as of late. With sale numbers on the rise and many vehicles being awarded every week, the auto industry may soon have a new set of standards to meet. Recently, Kia Motors was named as the most highly safety rated brand by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), with eight models in total receiving either a Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick + rating. A new mild-hybrid powertrain system is going to be released later into 2018 for the 2018 Kia Sportage, known as EcoDynamics . And now, the Kia Rio has won two awards from Auto Trader during the New Car Awards 2018.

Auto Trader New Car Awards and Kia Rio

During the Auto Trader New Car Awards, a survey of more than 43,000 car owners, all of which help owners rate their car in 16 key areas, collect answers and feedback that is then analyzed to make up a score. The score would tell Auto Trader which model car buyers had found most satisfying to own. For these awards, the new Kia Rio came out on top for a total of two awards.

With a starting MSRP of $13,900* and a price range that barely scratches past $20k, the 2018 Kia Rio is as affordable as it is fun, available with UVO eServices on a 7-inch touchscreen and six speaker sound system. Moreover, for the “Best Value New Car”, the Kia Rio was commended for its low running costs and equipment available at affordable prices. The editors themselves commented on why the Kia Rio received the award.

“It’s important to stress that ‘value’ doesn’t mean ‘cheap’, and there are plenty of similar cars out there that cost less than the Rio. What the Rio gives you, though, is a vast amount of ability for a very affordable outlay, and most of the time, that’s far more appealing to buyers than a bargain-basement price tag. It’s good to drive, practical, nice inside, well equipped and comes with a fantastic warranty to make owning it even better value.” – Ivan Aistrop, Auto Trader’s Road Test Editor.

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The Kia Rio also won the “Best Car for New Drivers”. Here in North America, the 2018 Kia Rio is powered by a 130hp 1.6-liter DOHC inline 4-cylinder engine, so new drivers won’t be tempted to drive too fast, nor can they break any speed records. In addition, the 2018 Kia Rio comes with many standard and several available advanced safety features to keep new drivers safe.

“New drivers have it tough when it comes to getting on the road, and the Kia Rio does plenty to help them out on that score. Affordable prices and low running costs make the Rio an attainable first car, and most importantly, many versions sit in the lowest insurance groups. It’s an easy car to drive and manoeuvre, while the sophisticated tech and connectivity on offer will also appeal to younger drivers.” – Aistrop.

Kia Motors Europe Produces 3 Million Vehicles

Not too long ago, Kia Motors hit a milestone when it sold the one millionth Kia Soul vehicle. They celebrated it by coming out with a special edition, and recently the Soul was named as one of the coolest car under $20k by Kelley Blue Book . Now Kia Motors has more to celebrate, having produced its three millionth car in May 2018. The amount of sales isn’t what many are cherishing though. The real glue that makes Kia Motors vehicles so reliable and keeps their sale numbers high comes from the industry-leading bumper-to-bumper warranty, good for seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

“Our seven-year warranty shows the confidence that we have in our cars, and gives confidence to European customers that they are buying a high-quality vehicle. The Kia brand has become synonymous with quality and reliability, and the warranty is one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Kia. We anticipate European sales of over 500,000 Kia cars this year, and many of those customers will be drawn to the fact that their car could remain covered by Kia’s standard warranty all the way up to 2025.” – Emilio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors Europe.

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