Kia K5 Performs Never-Before-Seen 360 Stunt

September 23rd, 2020 by

Where has the time gone? Earlier this month, Kia Motors was celebrating its K5, a sports car with a new name that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love over the last few years. The Kia Optima, although a classic, was starting to fade out with the hatchbacks and compact SUVs filling out the Kia Motors lineup. Even the Kia Stinger, a holy trinity of vehicles when it first came out, was usurped by the likes of the Telluride winning the Triple Crown of automotive accolades, and the Stinger is now getting a mid-cycle refresh . Kia Motors decided to also give the Kia Optima a makeover – so much so that it replaced the name with its South Korean, the “K5” and brought with it a whole new generation of style. Running advertisements during two large shows, the K5 is finally getting all the attention it deserves.

Let’s face it, the Super Bowl may not be happening in 2021. With that possibility, automakers can’t pay actors millions of dollars to drive their car for 2 minutes. Instead, they need to find other things on TV that people watch, or at least those of us who still use cable. The spotlight was put on the K5 with their newest ad for the vehicle, “Turning the Lights On”, shown below.

It’s alright, nothing crazy. Did it need to be shown in between the commercial breaks of failed talent NBCUniversal’s America’s _ Got Talent _ on September 1st? Over the weekend, the 72nd Emmy® Awards were telecast on Sunday, and during this, Kia Motors “K5 Live” launch showed off the midsize with a 60-second spot featuring the K5 performing a never-before-seen stunt on live television – something to take our minds off the millions of dollars these “actors” get every year, plus a freaking Emmy. Where’s _ my _ award?

“Partnering with the 72nd Emmy Awards puts the all-new K5 front and center during one of the most watched live television events of the year…The K5 launch is like nothing the midsize sedan category has ever seen and this latest initiative highlights the ‘It Factor’ that sets the K5 apart from everything else.” – Russell Wager, director, marketing operations, Kia Motors America

Placing the Kia K5 on TV during two high-profile shows may be a great way to get the attention of those that still watch cable, but anyone with an internet connection is going to be looking for that “never before seen” stunt. According to the press release, the “Stunt” ad shows the K5 GT performing a never-before-seen jump between two ramps, and we’re not talking about the “Triple Threat” stunt , although that was an interesting way to show off the Kia K5.

Okay, you got me. That was damn cool! Not cool enough to sit through hours of people I don’t know getting an award for playing make believe, but cool enough for a quick Google search. Wow, who was expecting the vehicle to flip over? Raise your hand, I sure know I was waiting for that. Surprisingly though, not only did the K5 fly through the air, but the driver pulled off a 360-degree spin, in mid-air, and managed to land it without too much trouble.

If that’s not a high-performance sports car, then what is? Be sure to check out the Kia K5 at Miami Lakes Automall today and get yours. Just…don’t try what you saw at home.

Photo Source/Copyright: Kia Media

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