Kia America Partners with Currently Mobile Charging Service

March 16th, 2022 by

Wow, Kia America is really pushing the envelope with their all-electric Kia EV6, and we can’t blame them. Ever since Kia Corp announced that it would become the next all-electric automaker, Kia released its Plan S Strategy to become the global leader in electric vehicle (EV) sales and more. The automaker shifted all of its focus and resources to Kia EV development , and we learned a lot more about what Kia Corp is planning during the Kia 2022 CEO Investor Day digital conference. Recently, Kia America signed a great contract with Electrify America, where Kia EV6 consumers can get up to 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh), free of charge, at any Electrify America station across the U.S. Making it even easier to find a charge, the newest partnership is between Kia America and the Currently mobile charging service.

It’s like Triple a (AAA), but instead of needing a tow or some gasoline when stranded out on the road, Currently is a mobile charging service that can be called on whenever, wherever – no broken down car necessary. Like setting up an appointment with any other kind of technician, consumers have been able to call up Currently and arrange a time for a technician to come charge up their plug-in hybrid or EV, whether at home, work, or while out and about. It’s easy to do, and Kia America is now providing its EV owners with this on-demand concierge service, now available in three important California markets: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. Depending on the success of the program, expansion to other cities will be next.

“The relationship with our customers does not end after delivery. In fact, that is just the beginning…Partnering with Currently to offer complimentary charging connects perfectly to our larger ‘Plan S’ strategy and amplifies our commitment to overall electrified vehicle adoption. We believe that making charging easy also makes ownership easy.” – Greg Silvestri, Kia’s Vice President of Service Operations

Just like their agreement with Electrify America, this new program is going to add another incentive to owning a Kia EV6. Making it more convenient and to reduce the potential range anxiety many new consumers fear or is keeping them from committing to a fully-electric vehicle, from now until April 30th, EV charging will also be offered at no cost in the aforementioned cities. Like ride-hailing, all a consumer needs to do is use the app-based mobile charging service – the Currently app is available for download Apple’s App Store or Google Play. All Kia EV owners need to do is sign up, and then the service lets drivers set a time and location for a Currently technician to arrive and charge their vehicle up to three times every week for two months. This is a great little incentive, and yes, it all the way on the west coast for now. Assuming it’s successful, we may see something similar in South Florida, but we’re still waiting on autonomous vehicles to become a commodity while those in LA are already laughing it up with their smart cars. As Kia expands it EV portfolio, perhaps these kinds of programs will become common. Surely Kia America has some brooding competition out there with all these incentive programs. Even without the Currently program, there is still the Electrify America program, so why not purchase a Kia EV6 today from Miami Lakes Automall ? Find yours today.

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